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Configuration management

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Configuration management

  1. 1. Configuration Management: Sculpting success, enhancing efficiencyThe concept of Configuration Management is far from recent, although it has undergonesignificant alteration and improvement in the last few years. While every industry is dependenton it, as a term, it is currently better applicable to the field of information technology. In verysimple terms, it is the process of overseeing every step in a project. Read on to find out why isit important and how it is carried out.Configuration Management- importance and relevance:∑ This practice is all about integration, efficiency, swiftness, success and error free completion.∑ Any project, be it the development of a software or a process to provide solutions for something has to be carried out in various stages. Each has to have a reason, a goal and a plan of action. This is where the role of this practice begins, for it is important in laying down the strong and meaningful foundation of any process.∑ Each stage is executed in a number of steps. Furthermore, a lot of people play different roles in bringing about just a single set of results. Without proper coordination, it would be impossible for the project to proceed smoothly. There would be too much confusion, too many ambiguities and the end result would be abject failure.∑ Without this practice, deadlines would never be met, resources would be mercilessly wasted and end users would have to face a lot of problems.∑ On the other hand, it has been conclusively proved that with the assistance of the appropriate tools, there is faster and more efficient completion of any project, with minimal errors and no downtimes.∑ Finally, this practice gives you greater insight regarding what works and what does not. This helps you to plan your future endeavors much efficiently. Thus, you are able to evolve on a regular basis.How best to go about it?∑ This is conducted with the help of tools. These are versatile and flexible applications, which have superior analytical and review capabilities. They are used to analyze and document the information and integrate various stages.
  2. 2. ∑ While these tools may sound omnipotent, it is vital to remember that you cannot pick and choose just about any one. These are very sophisticated packages and you have to put in effort to identify which one would be most appropriate for your needs.∑ You should determine what kind of software will work best with your organization’s platforms and bring you the solutions that you are looking for.∑ Make sure that the software can be accessed across a variety of operating systems and still offer excellent security features.∑ Finally, it is not enough to simply purchase the right software. You and your team should familiarize yourselves on how to operate it and make the best of it. After all, a tool is never greater than the workman.Configuration Management scripts the story of your success. It makes IT processes disciplinedand easy to handle. It acts a guide for future projects. In other words, it is something withoutwhich your organization should never be.