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Demand List Australia 2013

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MODL was a tabulation that was defined by DEEWR - Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) which has been superseded by the SOL and w.e.f. from July 2010 applicants are not granted marks for professions listed in MODL except certain predefined conditions. To score marks in marks based assessment you must go through skills assessment also.

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Demand List Australia 2013

  1. 1. Demand List Australia 2013 MODL was a tabulation that was defined by DEEWR - Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). The objective of defining this tabulation was to determine the professions that were in high demand and needed a sumptuous dose of overseas expertise. With the enforcement of SKillSelect in July 2012 Demand List 2013 has been linked to the latest edition of required trade SOL (required trade tabulation) has superseded MODL and now the applicants are not being granted extra marks in points in the marks based profile analysis. MODL has been withdrawn w.e.f. 8th February 2010 and the people are not granted premium marks based on this list unless The applicant was subclass 485 (Skilled Graduate) Visa holder or had placed his request for this section and is due to file for permanent or temporary general skilled migration or GSM before January 01, 2013 Applicant has a pending request for GSM entry permit The functional aspect of MODL has been grossly modified and w.e.f. July 01, 2010 aspirants need to reference the profession from ANZSCO The migration occupational Demand List of Australia includes trades like Child Care Coordinator Engineering Manager Accountant Anesthetist Architect Chemical Engineer Civil Engineer Computing Professional o Specializing in C++/C#/C o Specializing in Data Warehousing o Specializing in CISSP o Specializing in Java o Specializing in J2EE o Linux o .Net technologies o Specializing in Network Security/ Firewall/ Internet Security o Specializing in Oracle o Specializing in PeopleSoft o Specializing in SAP o Specializing in SIEBEL (especially Siebel Analytic) o Solaris o Unix various languages and operational aspects Dental Specialists Dentists Dermatologists
  2. 2. Electrical Engineers Electronics Engineers Emergency Medicine Specialists External Auditors General Medical Practitioners Hospital Pharmacists Mechanical Engineers Medical Diagnostic Radiographers Mining Engineers (excluding Petroleum) Obstetrician and Gynecologists Occupational Therapists Ophthalmologists Optometrists Pediatricians Pathologists Petroleum Engineers Physiotherapists Podiatrists Psychiatrist Quantity Surveyors Radiologists Registered Mental Health Nurses Registered Midwifes Registered Nurses Retail Pharmacists Specialist Medical Practitioners (not elsewhere classified) Specialist Physicians The applicants referencing the above mentioned codes in computer trades will be able to obtain MODL marks if they are able to furnish the credential evaluation advice from one of the designated Australian assessment agencies i.e. Australian computer society – ACS in this case. The advice rendered must indicate specifically that you r qualifications match the eligibility parameters in the referenced specialization Moreover the evaluation report must be in the specified format and must also indicate the relevant codes and profession IDs or else you will be unable to score. The marks are allotted for the eligible professions to the aspirants in the marks based profile evaluation test at the time of submission of request. You are deemed fit for points on 'occupation in demand or job offer'. You can score extra marks for having an employment offer from a qualified and bona fide Australia based employment giving concern. A qualified employment giving agency is deemed to be defined as a concern that has an existing workforce of a minimum of regular 10 personnel and they have been retained for atleast 2 financial years immediately proceeding the time of offering employment to the overseas workers. To claim marks for occupations on basis of “demand or employment offer “ in Demand List Australia 2013 you must furnish documentary evidences that substantiate that the agency offering you employment meets the parameters, which may include letter of employment etc.