leadership strategy performance hr hr planning strategic alignment commitment hr strategy competitive differentiator collaboration strategic management influence competitive advantage sales value proposition competitiveness relationship networking leadership development connected leadership talent management strategic planning alliance employee life cycle employee engagement corporate profitability selling business development parenttoolbox ci planning participatory leadership competitive intelligence recommendation employee loyalty employee relations restructuring retention culture innovation high performance competition marketing team customer profitability customer relationship management decision making business management collective intelligence mutual acceptance intimacy workplace communication strategic human resource management performance improvement corporate objectives human capital social connectivity hr audit business alignment learning and development business model customer value value chain strategic relationship shared values communication staffing strategy productivity interaction customer retention workplace intelligence corporate governance csr business survival talent crm negotiation knowledge creation km knowledge management learning collective evolution collective voices participatory engagement shared commitment co-creation rapport speaker elijah ezendu salesmanship participatory collaboration high performing team idiosyncrasy hrm social media human resources competence outsourcing customer experience engagement staff turnover strategic partner community development business growth profitability analytics analysis customer service business strategy dispute resolution sales process manpower entrepreneurship future employer branding non-verbal cues shared knowledge voice participatory evaluation participatory performance harmony social experimentation shared vision iso shared thinking shared responsibility connection technology intelligence talent intelligence actionable intelligence relationship selling affinity endorsement networking process insight referral alliance network advocate product innovation market innovation intellectual capital corporate social responsibility corporate investment structure intangibles human resource management organisational development joint venture mutual dependence partnership alliance stability talent acquisition inclusiveness team accord diversity employee advocate value deliverable social intelligence social networking reform transformation change management capacity building outcome efficiency social network routine paradigm structure organisational culture corporate identity business value competency framework partner revenue streams alliance networks cost structure environment green strategy social responsibility customer acquisition customer advocacy deal process excellence critical success factors swot road map vision objective mission goal driving forces resistance lewins model change kotters model stakeholder analysis scenario steepled issue customer-inspired innovation white collar crime empowerment work together decision employment practices work environment work-life motivation due diligence data mining service management sustainable development purpose transparency customer centricity transaction intelligence analysis execution standards development capabilities orientation placement induction selection finance execution intelligence sustainable leadership sustainability strategic dissonance iso 26000 individualism futurism gene therapy bionic ai robots future of work work work from home technology content storytelling story presentation startup customer value canvas branding brand living our brand brand management open access open-mindedness innovative leadership open codification kms explicit community of practice tacit customer indulgence brand influence cem social sentiment customer experience strategy committee relationship-based conflict dysfunctional conflict board conflict management conflict process-based conflict task-based conflict functional conflict 13 pillars corporate harmony budd's model equity labour management partnership host community valuation financials and intangibles investor service contract joint production psa technical partner concession production agreement oil contract production sharing agreement participatory harmony exploratory heuristics online adr ethical compliance integration partnering judicial dispute resolution peer review ombudsman avoidance arbitration concilio-arbitration conciliation mediation tribunal early neutral evaluation dispute board med-arb litigation adr networking surge relationship management economic intelligence counterintelligence competitor intelligence strategic intelligence recurrent intelligence market intelligence reference intelligence intellectual property intelligence rating system competitive intelligence operations intelligence measurement expert humint cidp intelligence effectiveness index intelligence infrastructure intelligence product intelligence process competitive intelligence to design pattern intelligence culture intelligence scope continuity rapport development stages of rapport ladder of rapport relational continuum reciprocity relationship marketing reinforcement reciprocal networking bond access opportunity recognition reputation cold calling intellectual property feasibility report commerce franchising bd business plan feeling reason compromise batna deal stakeholder relationship network going concern process leading edge forces of corporate culture 14 forces od alignment teamwork merger acquisition assumption belief performance sharing goal congruency engagement model rationale interdependence exclusivity competitive edge multicultural values social bond cross cultural values hr business partner shared service center function shared services content management social bookmarking social media optimization social entrepreneurship content strategy social commerce social governance social media policy social media strategy social media monitoring social business social hr individual development plan hr value proposition organizational change stakeholder matrix william bridges beckhard adkar kubler-ross interest reverse engineering offering functional transaction disaggregation alignment strategic planning interblended strategic planning model six rings real time strategic planning multicriteria organic strategic planning disintegration heresourcing offshoring insourcing service provider core competence business process outsourcing trait role control system cultural thrust cultural expression ritual symbol cultural analysis activity value analysis business process best practice value-added service results creative thinking strategic thinking scenario building mind mapping visualisation spin off rightsizing ebo hospital healthcare mbo downsizing lbo exchange offer m & a divestiture coopetition starbursting equity carve out business intent business model template customer relationship coherence ethical culture m&a hr due diligence expectation management reward managing relationships task flexible work thirteen forces industry analysis bcg growth share portfolio matrix nine forces mckinsey 7s slope swott soar ge business screen matrix four trajectories of industry change success prosperity plan environmental scanning strategy tools porters five forces motto kpi change agent initiative industry direction strategic change report prochaska and diclemente model lippitt watson westley model four trajectories fraud deontology religiophilosophy bribery religiosity governance utilitarianism ethics risk management sourcing job offer on-boarding test interview environmental factors macroeconomic steep pestle pesteli step radical novel initiative incremental fake escrow fraudulent spoofing crime ponzi fraud phishing cheque scam advance fee fraud identity theft involvement charter identity tracking customer collaborative crm lead management forecasting operational crm convenience contact management price optimisation customer touch point analytical crm up-selling cross-selling product development customer satisfaction online service customer information sales force probability risk-averse uncertainty risk risk-seeking risk-neutral trademark patent non-compete geographical indication industrial design copyright inventorship invention non-disclosure non-patentable trade secret leaves gender empowerment career development family issues compliance accountability responsibility research business insight analytical technology succession planning business life cycle values assurance customer loyalty synergy working together group bargain collective bargaining fishbone analysis critical incidence analysis cause and effect trail force field analysis problem analysis multiaccess war infonomics lockin information audit dispute alternative consulting resolution software programming competencies distinctive globalisation exit recruitment capital corporate intellectual
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