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Ode to Bagheera

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Tribute to Bagheera for all the love and happiness she brought to my life.

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Ode to Bagheera

  1. 1. beautiful elegant devoted patient affectionat e loyal intelligent confident loving trusting graceful adoring reliable kind calm loveable thoughtful gentle
  2. 2. The days were long and happy growing up in Sands Point
  3. 3. Bagheera wasn’t the only one who liked to roll around in the grass…
  4. 4. R O T T W E I L E R
  5. 5. They’ll never see me hiding here in the grass!
  6. 6. Wow! I want to be just like you someday when I grow up!!
  7. 7. Mmmm! Sardines!! Yum!!!
  8. 8. On the catwalk we have Bagheera wearing a shawl from the latest Spring collection “Red”
  9. 9. Bagheera leaves paw prints on the hearts of everyone she meets
  10. 10. Log #1. Day 1. Experiment in sleeping with eyes open so as not to miss any opportunity to steal food.
  11. 11. Pleeeease rub my belly!!
  12. 12. Happiness = Fabrice + Bagheera
  13. 13. Today was a good day because we were together
  14. 14. Just one deftly chosen product placement short of a runaway modeling career
  16. 16. B A C K W H E R E W E B
  17. 17. That looks like so much fun! If only I had opposable thumbs…
  18. 18. I really did find the greatest treasure under a rainbow
  19. 19. I know this looks incriminating, but…
  20. 20. Remember our deal. You get it if it goes in the water. I get it if it lands on the beach.
  21. 21. There is one silver lining to aging. My grey hair might reflect the sun better and keep me cool. I’d rather stay young and in the shade.
  22. 22. I have assumed this position in protest of your imminent departure, and will refuse to move until your return!
  23. 23. I still love you even when you’re bald.  Your bald head is delicious!
  24. 24. Time should not be measured in human years or dog years, but in kisses given and received
  25. 25. All I want for Christmas is to be loved by you
  27. 27. I thought we agreed. No kids. You relax your policy and this is what happens to me.
  28. 28. The most comfortable pillow is one that is filled with love
  29. 29. Ever vigilant, Bagheera guards Embocca
  30. 30. B E A U T I F U L B A G H E E R A