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Establishing New business

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Establishing New business

  1. 1. Computer Orientation & Packages
  2. 2. Project On Super Store Movers IN Store Submitted By Muhammad Fahad Ali Mirza 121103 Submitted To Major Khalid Mahmood
  3. 3. Introduction • The Movers IN store (SUPER STORE) will be established in 2012 in Lahore, Pakistan. The basic purpose for establishing the super store is to provide quality goods and service to the people under the one roof in the healthy environment in reason able price to the people.
  4. 4. Objectives 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Profit. Healthy environment. Goods and services. Creating employment. Self-reliance. Economic activity. Availability of products/brands. Competition in the market. Decreasing the Monopoly. Improving living standards.
  5. 5. Basic Structure • The store will be established in the area of Defence Lahore. In the commercial areas of Defence Lahore. Y block is considered to be the most commercial and attractive place for the people. Store at the level of HKB or ALFATAH will require a place of about 20 maralas. In supermarket business all the local goods are purchased on the credit base.
  6. 6. Financial Structure Investment of 2.5 Million. Building on Profit sharing. Local products at Credit. International Products at Cash with defective and return agreement. • Payment of bills at the Profit. • Proper banking records. • Market financial status. • • • •
  7. 7. SWOT Analysis STRENGHTS: • • • • • • • • • • Living standard of the people. Spending of the people. Luxuries of the people. Service and Goods under one roof. Brands availability. Customer satisfaction. Price comparatively low from other. Promotion strategies. Proper parking space. Healthy environment.
  8. 8. SWOT Analysis WEAKNESSES: • • • • • • New company in the market. People loyalty towards it. Employee satisfaction. Initial funding. Trend in the market. Customer needs.
  9. 9. SWOT Analysis OPPORTUNITIES: • • • • • • • • By maintaining the standards. Maintain the inventory level. Promotional strategies. Opening discounts. Complementary services. Complementary products. Financial stability. Educated employees.
  10. 10. SWOT Analysis THREATS: • • • • • • Old market leaders. Financial condition of the competitors. Brand loyalty. Market techniques and terminologies. Modern technology. Speed processing.
  11. 11. PEST Analysis POLITICAL: • • • • • • Government influence. Changes in the law. Certain biased polices. Communication gap. Specified dependences. Government services.
  12. 12. PEST Analysis ECONOMICAL: • Change in tax rate. • Change in freight. • Change in pay scale of people. • Decrease or Increase in the buying power of the people. • Change in the Government service. • Government incentives. • Current market pay scale. • Change in the living standards of the people. • Meeting the necessities of the people.
  13. 13. PEST Analysis SOCIAL: • Cultural values. • Religious values. • General ethics of the people. • Following the nation’s culture and traditions. • Act accordingly to the behavioral attitude of the nation. • Current market system. • Traditions of the market.
  14. 14. PEST Analysis TECHNOLOGICAL: • • • • • • • • Latest technology. Communication. Modes of transport. Computerized inventory level. Modern computers. Staff equipped with latest machines. Use of modern machines in warehousing. Efficient use of the available resources.
  15. 15. Financial Structure • • • • • Total Finance Required = 2.5 Million. Building in Profit Sharing Agreement. Insurance to minimize the Risk. (10% Payment) Local Brands on Credit Basis. International Brands on Cash and on agreement to be returned if found tempered or damages.
  16. 16. Growth Strategy • Our company’s growth strategy will be to capture more of the customer values, satisfaction and loyalty, so that we can give maximum output according to customer needs. As the time passes the more investment should be made into the company affairs so that it can give services more effectively and efficiently.
  17. 17. Goods Availability in Store Three types of Goods: • Luxury Goods • Shopping Goods • Convenience Goods Division of Goods: • Local Goods • Imported Goods
  18. 18. Company Goal • Short Run Short run goals of our company are to reach to every potential customer in covered area, to provide our services in affordable price to the customer. • Intermediate Run Intermediates Goals of our company are to increase our services. • Long Run In the long run the goal of the company will be to establish the company name and the expansion of the company.
  19. 19. Employee Incentives • • • • • • • • Cash enleavement Social Benefits Reward on good appearance Medical facilities Yearly leaves Cultural vocations Payment of overtime Reward Certificate
  20. 20. Company Plan • Operational Plan Our company considers our employee asset of our company so; we work like one single unit. Goals should be evaluate according to our Goals have to achieved (short Run Goals to Long Run Goal). • Division of Management 1. Purchase Department 2. Sale Department 3. Finance Department 4. Security Department 5. Business Management
  21. 21. Channels for Supply • Hajvery chicken, mutton and beef shop • Aslam poultry farm • Bismillah Store • Bismillah Crockery • Defence Pharmacy • Munshi Store & Kannah Mandi • Taimoor Distributor & Tobacco Master Snacks • Ice land • Lahore Chatkhara
  22. 22. Market Strategy • Target Market Target markets of the store will the Defence and its surround areas. Because people there are willing to pay more if they get good healthy and friendly environment. • Pricing Strategy The main focus will be on the quality of the service and the quantity of the goods sold. When prices are kept low and more goods are sold, instead of decreasing the profit it increases the profit as more goods are sold.
  23. 23. Market Strategy • Promotion Strategy 1. Advertisements would be made through broche and handouts to the resident and commercial areas. 2. Adds on local TV cable 3. Banners and Flex on different locations. 4. Social circle of the employees. 5. Providing incentives. 6. Market valuation of the customer.
  26. 26. Social Benefits • SATISFACTION • SERVICE • EMPLOYMENT
  27. 27. Conclusion • Super stores are the success full business if you adopt the right strategy depending upon the market behavior and under which market you are operating. Stores have high profit margins and are very productive. The best example is of the Al-Fatah store, which started from the single branch and currently now have more than 3 Branches operating nationwide.
  28. 28. Bibliography Bibliography is the part of the Documents which have now become a basic part of the organization. It includes the basic documents which have now become a part of it. Many companies use it as their source of advertisement as well.