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How a simple blog can change your life

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How a simple blog can change your life

  1. 1. How a Simple Blog can Change your Life Do you Know? Reading this Post will take around 2 minute Have you ever thought that a bunch of few web pages, sorted in reverse chronological order, can change your life altogether? If you still consider it a myth then this is the time that you should change your mindset. Today I am going to tell you (with real life examples) how blogging changed people’s lives. Its not only about individual lives, rather blogging has even brought huge impact on already established businesses. Big companies like Samsung, Disney and Toyota are making efficient use of this medium to improve brand awareness. Attracting new customers by maintaining high quality blog is now a common practice in Silicon valley. You will find every other company trying to make a place. Table of Contents How is the Change Coming? Internet usage is increasing in exponential terms. People resort to internet for finding solutions to technical and as well as everyday problems. It would be appropriate to say that Google is now going to become people’s best friend. It can help you whenever and wherever you want, that too for free. Intelligent people and businesses are taking advantage of this scenario by providing solutions to common man’s problems. Enormous amount of content is being generated on every possible subject. You won’t believe but I would like to share an infographic by Josh James of DOMO which contains interesting facts on how much data is being generated every minute!
  2. 2. This influx of information is not going to stop here. Out of all this information, the most useful is the content generated on blogs. Blogs are focused on one-topic and are generally maintained by experts. They are the best source for accurate
  3. 3. information and for developing relations with peers. In simple words, blogging is a new (and probably the best) way to engage with your potential readers/clients/customers and even folks. Those who have mastered the art, have changed their way of life and as well as their business for good. There is a huge earning potential for bloggers. Now let me share with you some real life examples. Real Life Examples First, the list of individual bloggers. You can follow the link to read their stories. b. Businesses who Used Blogging as a Tool You can find more information about these blogs in an interesting article on The 10 best big company blogs in the world on {grow} by Mark Schaefer. Conclusion Blogging is the best way to become famous and enlarge your circle of influence, which in return, can bring prosperity. Hundreds and thousands of people have changed their life, work and way of business by making use of blogging as a launchpad. You are no exception and can easily follow the suit. All you have to do is get started!