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Adding Flexibility to Fairfax County's Public Facilities Manual (PFM)

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Adding Flexibility to Fairfax County's Public Facilities Manual (PFM)

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Adding Flexibility to Fairfax County's Public Facilities Manual (PFM)

  1. 1. Adding Flexibility to Fairfax County’s Public Facilities Manual (PFM) Setting a new standard Presented to NVBIA/NAIOP September 14, 2017 9/26/2017 Fairfax County PFM Flexibility 1
  2. 2. WHY ARE WE UPDATING THE PFM? Goal Three of the Strategic Plan for the Economic Success of Fairfax County: “Improve the Speed, Consistency and Predictability of the Land Development Review Process Gartner Study Finding: “Complexities and inconsistencies with land use and development policies and regulations hamper predictability and efficiency of service delivery.”  Changing nature of development - more intense land development  More redevelopment/infill development vs. greenfield development  New technology  More environmental regulations In short, a more flexible PFM will allow staff to utilize good engineering judgment to approve context sensitive solutions.
  3. 3. • Incorporating Flexibility: • Minimize mandatory requirements by changing “Shall” to “Should”, where appropriate. • Expand the use of urban standards and practices. • Allow for innovative practices 3Fairfax County PFM Flexibility9/26/2017 Adding Flexibility to the PFM
  4. 4. • Incorporating Clarity: • Identifying sore spots. • Using the clearest words possible. • Removing outdated provisions. • Adding tables to simplify complicated information. • Deleting unnecessary plates and drawings. • Remaining relevant by incorporating information by reference and links to other resources. • Updating definitions (chapter 13) and index. 4Fairfax County PFM Flexibility9/26/2017 Adding Flexibility to the PFM
  5. 5. • Greeley and Hansen hired to perform a gap analysis consisting of: • Assessment of the current state of the PFM. • Determine what the future state of the PFM should be. • Develop a roadmap to show how we get from the current state to the future state of the PFM. 5Fairfax County PFM Flexibility9/26/2017 Adding Flexibility to the PFM
  6. 6. • Where does the information for the existing and future state come from? • Stakeholder Committee – Industry representatives to offer insight on the current and future state of the PFM. • County Advisory Committees – TAC, Policy, Innovative and Steering • Industry Partners (e.g. ESRC, NVBIA/NAIOP, ESI) • Public Feedback Form - *coming soon* 6Fairfax County PFM Flexibility9/26/2017 Stakeholder Engagement Process
  7. 7. Steps to align PFM with Goal 3 7Fairfax County PFM Modernization9/26/2017 Existing State of PFM Future State of PFM Future State PFM Roadmap Municipal Survey Annotated PFM Chapters External Stakeholders Input/Perceptions on PFM Workshop – 9/18/17 Engage External Stakeholders Set Goals Engage Steering Committee Comparison of Existing and Future States Create Roadmap Identification of Prioritized Sectors
  8. 8. Next Steps Forward • Feedback Form: Feedback form will be made available to give input on what needs to be added, updated, and deleted from the PFM. • Public Website: A website will be made available, approximately December 2017, to inform the public of proposed changes. 8Fairfax County PFM Flexibility9/26/2017
  9. 9. Summary • Fairfax First recommends adding flexibility into the PFM. • Consultant will provide a gap analysis comparing current and future PFM states. • Objectives: Incorporate Flexibility and Clarity. • Stakeholder Engagement: • Created committees to provide current state and future state evaluations. • Stakeholder feedback form. • Public website. 9Fairfax County PFM Flexibility9/26/2017
  10. 10. Questions? 10Fairfax County PFM Flexibility9/26/2017