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Monitoring the Scope and Benefits of Fairtrade, 7th Edition, 2015

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Each year Fairtrade publishes data collected from the more than 1.65 million Fairtrade farmers and workers. The 7th edition of this report also includes summaries of research and impact studies.

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Monitoring the Scope and Benefits of Fairtrade, 7th Edition, 2015

  1. 1. General Overview February 2016 Monitoring the scope and benefits of fairtrade Seventh edition © Simon Rawles
  2. 2. Fairtrade Producers Around the world there are about 1.6 million farmers and workers in Fairtrade certified producer organizations© Nathalie Bertrams
  3. 3. Fairtrade producer organizations At the end of 2014 there were 1,226 Fairtrade producer organizations in 74 countries worldwide © Nathalie Bertrams
  4. 4. 64% of all Fairtrade Producer Organizations have been certified for three years or more
  5. 5. Female fairtrade workers Women make up 48% of all workers on Fairtrade certified plantations © Nathalie Bertrams
  6. 6. Fairtrade crop production And sales 40% of Fairtrade producer groups sold more than 50% of their production on fairtrade terms in 2013-2014© Éric St-Pierre
  7. 7. Fairtrade premium On Plantations, Farmers spent 26% of their Fairtrade premium on education © Suzanne Lee / Max Havelaar Stiftung Schweiz
  8. 8. Fairtrade premium small producer organizations spent 31% of their fairtrade premium on investments supporting productivity or quality improvements © Didier Gentilhomme
  9. 9. Producer report cocoa smallholders building big communities in ghana Kuapa Kokoo, a cocoa cooperative in the west of Ghana has used the Fairtrade Premium to improve the livelihoods of its members. Health projects such as pump wells and mobile health clinics, and the construction or refurbishment of eight schools, have helped the farmers build confidence and independence and ensure a sense of community participation and ownership. Read the full story here: © Linus Hallgren / Fairtrade Sweden Gamor Mensa Frederick is a member of Fairtrade certified cooperative, Kuapa Kokoo Union, in Ghana
  10. 10. Want to know more? All information contained in this presentation and summaries of impact research can be found in our report ‘Monitoring the Scope and Benefits of Fairtrade, Seventh Edition 2015’ at: