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Be the Talk of the Town: Social Media Event Marketing

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Contains tips and resources for incorporating social to your live event.
Presented by Rob Marlbrough "DowntownRob" at Social Media Camp 2011.

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Be the Talk of the Town: Social Media Event Marketing

  1. 1. Be the Talk of the Town Event Promotion Done Right (According to @DowntownRob)
  2. 2. Whos @DowntownRob? Own: @WebWizards since 1997 Co-Founder: @FandomMarketing Launching: @MingleStreamEvents: @tWineUpSD @TwestivalSD #4sqDaySD Fun: #Movies #Foodie #Tech #Web #Dev
  3. 3. Alternate Titles For Your Enjoyment Pump Up The Volume: Raising The Social Buzz for Your Events Making a Splash: Pushing Your Events into the Social Stream
  4. 4. Types of Events• Tweetups, tWineUps, Meetups • Celebrity/Weblebrity/• Brand Promotions (Launch Local Personalty Parties, Venue Grand Promotions (Book Openings, Company Launches, Charity Anniversaries) Appearances) • My favorite... PJWAGT: People Just Wanting a Good Time (TM)
  5. 5. Events are like a Brontosaurus (I am a genius)
  6. 6. Three Phases of an Event &Event Promotion - Pre-Event (The Head) - The Event (The Body) - Post-Event (The Tail) Different Tactics and Strategies for Each Phase
  7. 7. Pre-Event Promotion• The longer the timeline, • Leverage social media: Do the more promotional what was impossible, opportunities. easily and quickly.• Timeline: As long as one year, as short as one day.• Traditional promotion: press release, articles, TV, radio, print.
  8. 8. Use the iBat TMto hit a home run(I may get sued by Apple...)
  9. 9. The iBat Acronym: - Influencers - Benefits - Audience - Theme
  10. 10. Influencers: Local Personalities,Weblebrities, Celebrities• Some influencers know lots of people. You want people to attend your event. Therefore, invite influencers, and partner with them to promote your event.• Other influencers attract, people will come to your event to see/meet/smell that influencer.• Elite influencer ninjas both know and attract lots of people. Some even charge money. It may be worth it to pay them to attend and you can exploit/promote them attending.
  11. 11. Twitter Rocks You can reach influencers and venues, or those that representthem, via Twitter directly, quickly, and easily. That is all.
  12. 12. Why Attend? Events With BenefitsPeople attend events because they benefit in some way.(Unless its some illegal event I wont cover right now)A short list of example benefits: • Delicious food (restaurants love sharing their food in exchange for Yelp reviews, or social buzz) • Meeting awesome people youve been tweeting with for months • Smelling said influencers • Free alcohol (provided because youre going to tweet about it) • Almost Free Alcohol (provided because you might tweet about it)
  13. 13. Whos Your Audience?- Tailor your promotions to the audience (target market) ofyour event.- Find/reach out via Twitter to... - those with similar interests that may want to attend. - influencers in the same audience as your event. - others doing complementary events for cross-promotions,partnerships.
  14. 14. Wear a Good Theme- Fun themes take the fun and wrap it all in a ninja costume.- Everyone loves dressing up.- People love sharing photos of themselves dressed up or incostume.- Example Themes Ive attended: Mad Men, Alice inWonderland, Pimps and Hos
  15. 15. Pre-Event Promotion Summary- iBat (Influencers, Benefit, Audience, Theme)- Pre-event Events- A single RSVP page if possible (, Facebook PublicEvent,, Eventbright)
  16. 16. The Event- Share the good times: Whats the #Hashtag?- Check-In: Foursquare, Facebook, Yelp, Gowalla, Whrrl- Check-Out: Bizzy- Increase sharing exponentially: Minglestream tweetwall orsome form of display- Share photos & videos, post on Facebook, Posterous, Flickr,Tumblr
  17. 17. Post-Event Wrap-UpTypically, not much done. Everyone rests. Instead...- Leverage the new face-to-face status online, tweet deeper.- Contest follow-ups, discounts for attendees, post-promopromo.- Compile photo albums, video of photos, use infuture promotional efforts.- LOL All those awesome photos are now tagged on Facebook.- Measurement, Analytics, Reporting: increase in buzz,followers, reach, engagement, sentiment.- Leverage the event for as long as possible... a long tail isvery powerful.
  18. 18. Put the Social in Social MediaUse events to promote yourself, your company, your charity,your passionHugs Not Handshakes (TM)People remember how you make them feelEvents bring social media to life
  19. 19. Questions? I have answers...   • Social Media Strategy • Training • Community Building • Promotions, Events, Outreach • Social Web Development • SPO (Social Platform Optimization) for new and existing web sites. 
  20. 20. Thank you for attending...Please note:I used no exclamation points inthis presentation: +2 pointsI used pictures of a brontosaurus:+20 pointsI called myself a genius: -2points Some of you laugh funny: +2It made you laugh: +5 points points LOL, some of you are doing math right now: +13 points