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Twitter Analysis and Action

  1. 1. Twitter Analysis & Action Cater to Followers and Attract Influencers with a Laser-Focused Strategy @KurtKrejny Director of Online Marketing
  2. 2. Simple. Accountable. Results That Matter.  Full-service digital marketing and analytics agency  Founded in 2005  CFO-approved digital marketing  Focus in healthcare, education, technology, manufacturing, e-commerce  Offices in Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, San Diego #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  3. 3. More Grey Hairs More Knowledge! Different Jacket & Shirt Same Watch More Drink
  4. 4. Your Relationship with Twitter…  Please introduce yourself  How are you using Twitter?  What are your challenges?  What is working?  What would you like to learn today? #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  5. 5. Workshop Overview  Twitter’s Role in Digital Marketing  Organized Vision  Don’t Fly Blind  Data Drives Decisions  Results-oriented approach  Optimization  Promotion  Visibility Tips  Pulling It All Together! #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  6. 6. Twitter Pain Points  SWOT analysis  Audience understanding  Problem solving  Measurements and reporting  Recoverable mistakes Take the blue pill! #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  7. 7. Twitter SWOT Analysis WEAKNESSES THREATS  Not ranking for branded search  Duplicate or spam accounts  Poor images, bio and URL  Negative mentions  Not linked to blog  Hacked account  No custom URL shortener with tracking  Unanswered customer service requests  No custom background  New channel adoption (Google+ and Pinterest)  No follower interaction  Measureable ROI (favorable)  Over promotional content  Lack of brand evangelists  Few retweets  Employee posts  No personality or human voice  Ever-changing management tools  Poor response strategy  Search engine rankings  No crisis management plan  Big data collection  Poor following/follower ratio  CRM integration  No on-site integration  No sharing widgets  No time to manage account  Lack of focus toward business goals  No reporting  Can’t connect with audience  Minimal digital assets
  8. 8. Content Marketing Technical SEO Content Then Marketing Did Social Technical SEO Social Media kill SEO? Now
  9. 9. Who here has MASTERED Social all of these Online PR Engagement & Link Diversity & Conversions Where do you areas? invest most? Relationship Ethical Link Keyword Themes & Content Building Building Extensive Keyword Keyword Themes Unique Engaging Research Content User Experience & Technical Foundation On-page targeting Bot Accessibility Sitemaps Overall Experience Internal Link Structure URL Structure Server Response
  10. 10. The Scent of Information A web page consists of graphical and text elements that aid navigation (where can I go?), orientation (where am I?) and deliver valuable content (should I click on this link?) These words and images are the scent of information #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  11. 11. Types of Searches Navigational Searches (Where Can I Go?) • The searcher’s goal is to go directly to a website homepage or specific page • brand name, domain suffixes (.com, .org), part of URL Informational Searches (What Can I Learn?) • The searcher’s goal is to obtain information about a general or specific topic • longer phrases, question-based, plural form for lists Transactional Searches (What Can I Do?) • The searcher’s goal is to perform an activity beyond just reading • download, sign-up, apply, enroll, contact, buy #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  12. 12. How Does Scent Apply to Social Media?  Understand how and why people are using social  Learn from social persona experiences, goals and behaviors  Develop unique, authoritative and timely content  Utilize relevant themes and keywords  Improve engagements for higher conversions #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  13. 13. Social Media Management Process Discovery Align with business objectives | Establish ROI metrics | Identify personas Assessment Evaluate social properties | Address issues | Highlight opportunities Strategy Formulate strategy based on assessment | Establish goals tied to KPI’s Analysis Ongoing monthly analysis of data | Determine actionable insights Production Ongoing social recommendations designed to improve KPI’s and ROI Implementation Efficient team workflow | Timely monitoring and publishing to obtain results Reporting Reporting on the successful activities that are aligned to objectives & goals
  14. 14. Discovery
  15. 15. MANAGEMENT Effective social campaign management aligns your team and online marketing efforts to support your business goals. Is your team held accountable to driving the results that matter to your organization?  Diverse team resources  Strategy, content, design, development  Roles and responsibilities  Ongoing learning and training  Align with business goals  Establish KPI and ROI metrics  Digital asset optimization  Reporting systems #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  16. 16. Digital Asset Optimization  Content/Promotions Calendar  Boilerplate Descriptions  Social Property Inventory  Blog & RSS Optimization  News Releases & Articles  E-Newsletter  Videos  Whitepapers/Guides  PDFs / Presentations  Image Gallery / Infographics  Event Listings  Free Samples / Demos  Podcasts  E-commerce Product Feeds  Tools / Apps / Widgets #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  17. 17. Assessment
  18. 18. ANALYSIS Competitive analysis provides a snapshot on what your major competitors are doing well in social media, and where they are falling short. Use competitive data as a benchmark and strive to differentiate your brand in the social channels.  Your Own Social Property Assessment  SWOT format  Follower metrics  Posting effectiveness  Reach  Sentiment  Competitor Analysis  Learn client market/industry  Where are you winning or losing?  Generate new ideas #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  19. 19. RESEARCH Thorough online research allows you to review historical trends in the market and review opportunities with forecasted keyword search queries, social media conversations, and mentions of your brand name.  Social media and keyword search audit  Volume of conversations  Where conversation is happening online  Top domains and authors talking  Tone of the conversation  Top topics of conversation  Help support business decisions #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  20. 20. Strategy
  21. 21. PLANNING Develop a quarterly strategic social plan that syncs with your business goals and follows your brand promise. Keep your team focused, yet nimble to adjust tactics to get optimal results and think next practices.  Syncs with your business goals and objectives  Associated with measurable results  Starts with data-driven analysis  Team brainstorming and collaboration Twitter Campaign Goals:  Brand visibility  Generate links and traffic (content amplification)  Influence search rankings  Connect with customers / prospects  Reputation & sentiment  Content distribution  Expert positioning  Customer service YOU are the TOOL! #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  22. 22. KEYWORDS Keywords are still the foundation of how people quickly find information. Get inside the head of the searcher and create a social experience that matches their intent. Sync your social content with your search engine optimization efforts for optimal results.  Identify major themes Theme & Keyword Discovery  Types of Keywords:  Branded, Non-branded, Strategic, Tactical, Keyword Nomination Process Long-tailed  Trending keywords Keyword Analysis & Refining  Industry specific terms  Incorporate keywords in social post content Content Development  Support the Scent of Information and rankings in Keyword Monitoring & search engines Evaluation #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  23. 23. CONVERSIONS Conversion optimization is about building authority and credibility of your social experience and its power to persuade users to take preferred action. Conversion optimization requires ongoing testing to generate profitable leads and sales. Conversion rate is a measure of your ability to persuade visitors to take the action you want them to take. It’s a reflection of your effectiveness and customer satisfaction. For you to achieve your goals, visitors must first achieve theirs. Conversion Goals:  Reduce anxiety  Reduce friction  Provide incentive for users  Analyze the complete conversion funnel  Implement on-going testing and measurement #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  24. 24. Develop Audience Personas • Start with your preferred audience • Put yourself in their shoes • Document educated guesses • Nuances of Twitter • Keep the dust off • Identify actionable insights • Prioritize efforts Personas guide a smarter campaign #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  25. 25. People Driven Product Driven • Based on the Meyers-Briggs Type Established Products and Markets: Indicator (MBTI) methodology • Financial Decision Maker • The Eisenberg Brothers simplified the • Champion decision-model from 16 types of • Evangelist personalities to 4: • Power User • Competitive • Spontaneous Brand New Products: • Methodical • Innovators • Humanistic • Early Adopters • Early Majority • Late Majority • Laggards
  26. 26. Competitive Personality Type What can your solution do for me? Wants to know all possibilities and options; gain advantage over competitors; instantly want to know benefits and differentiators; quickly navigate your site to make a decision. What they are using Twitter for:  To connect to a large network of people  To stay informed as things happen, to stay ahead of the curve Best ways to engage them through Twitter:  Offer, special “social media” discounts, coupon codes  Share “exclusive” information  Competitive people love to receive responses or retweets from their favorite accounts. Types of content/messaging that would interest this type of persona:  Exclusive offers / information  Retweets of or responses to their messages  Online contests (trivia, first to respond, etc.) #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  27. 27. Spontaneous Personality Type Why is your solution best for my needs? Needs to know the opinions of others (testimonials and 3rd party reviews); does not want to miss out on a popular trend; wants to understand the value immediately; is looking for immediate gratification and will only skim copy for info. What they are using Twitter for:  For entertainment  To find great deals online Best ways to engage them through Twitter:  Have a unique and interesting voice that makes them want to follow you Types of content/messaging that would interest this type of persona:  Advertise, special limited-time discounts #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  28. 28. Methodical Personality Type How can your solution solve my problem? Needs hard evidence (graphs, tables and supported facts) in an organized fashion; not interested in sales speak; needs to know how you operate, will go through a substantial amount of information to feel like an expert; need to come to their own conclusion based on research and needs an outlet to ask questions if their appetite for info is not met What they are using Twitter for:  Gather information and stay on top of news  Monitor social media for new products, new offerings, and sometimes special pricing Best ways to engage them through Twitter:  Share informative, news-worthy content  Share information about products / services and new offerings Types of content/messaging that would interest this type of persona:  Links to informative articles, whitepapers, case studies, etc. (not just ones found on your site)  Offer additional information on sales, products, services, and your industry #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  29. 29. Humanistic Personality Type Who has used your solution to solve my problem? Who are you? Why do you care? Wants guarantees, return and security policies; needs to relate to others at an emotional, empathetic level; needs customer testimonials and success stories; needs information about the company’s history and employees; needs a positive consensus from a community What they are using Twitter for:  To feel connected to favorite brands / people  To feel part of a larger community Best ways to engage them through Twitter:  Encourage interaction by posing questions, conducting polls, giveaways, etc.  Twitter contests  Encourage the use of your hashtags / Participate in trending hashtags  Retweet followers’ tweets (Don’t overdo this)  Have a fun company voice that makes them enjoy following you Types of content/messaging that would interest this type of persona:  Retweet messages from customers  Run online contests to encourage participation  Create unique hashtags #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  30. 30. Humanistic Persona #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  31. 31. Demographics  Age: 27  Occupation: Registered Nurse  Persona Type: Humanistic  Attitude: Personal, relationship-oriented  Time: Undisciplined, slow-paced  Question: Who has used your solution to solve my problem? Who are you and why do you care about me?  Approach: Offer testimonials and incentives.  Background: Time is precious for Odessa. She works hard and is prudent with her money, but careful in decision making. She is loyal to brands that make her life easier, and wants to feel connected to them. She uses social media for product updates and discounts. She praises brands online often and shares information with friends, but does not hesitate to let the world know when she’s unhappy (in a polite way). #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  32. 32. Key Influencers • Needs money back guarantees, return and security policies • Needs positive testimonials: product and customer service • Needs information about founder and employees • Scared of commitment • Needs to choose something supported by a community • Likes to see employee pictures • Turned off by negative opinions • Needs constant reassurance • Relies too heavily on others' opinions #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  33. 33. Motivation • Find comfort in guarantees, return and security policies/seals • Relate to customer testimonials and success stories • Relate to the founder, employees and products/services on an emotional, empathetic level • Find a positive consensus from a community #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  34. 34. Goals • Based on the personality types’ Key Influencers and Motivations, how would they go about reviewing your product or service offerings? • What information would they need to conclude you are offering the product or service that will fulfill their need? • Goals should start with a verb: • Find easily accessible product and service information via a website or social media channel. • Experience painless online shopping. • Utilize promo/coupon codes for online purchases. • Promote favorite brands as an evangelist, and likes being recognized and incentivized in the process. #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  35. 35. Analysis
  36. 36. Understand Your Followers • Utilize free and paid tools • Collect and analyze data • Develop custom formulas • Create segments from bios • Identify influencers Existing data refines your strategy #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  37. 37. Find Your Best Performing Topics     Don’t be afraid to recycle great content!
  38. 38. Collect Twitter Follower Data FOLLOWER PROFILE ANALYSIS: TOP KEYWORDS 4,000 3,424 3,500 - Time Zones 3,000 2,500 - Followers by # of Followers 2,000 1,500 828 - Date of Last Tweet 1,000 685 637 500 191 114 251 122 - Users by # of Followers 0 - Users by Total Tweets FOLLOWERS TOP TIME ZONES USERS BY # OF FOLLOWERS (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time … 24% (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time… 13% 9% 0 to 100 (GMT-06:00) Central Time… 12% 20% (GMT-10:00) Hawaii 11% 11% 100 to 500 (GMT-05:00) Quito 8% 500 to 1000 (GMT+05:30) New Delhi 5% (GMT-07:00) Mountain… 3% 19% 1000 to 2500 (GMT-09:00) Alaska 3% 41% > 2500 (GMT-03:00) Greenland 3% (GMT+05:30) Mumbai 2% #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline 0% 10% 20% 30%
  39. 39. #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  40. 40. Influencer Deep Dive • Categorize influencers • Topics & communities of interest • Secondary influencers • Domain influence Manipulate your message for influencer impact Detailed Influencer Data: #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  41. 41. ANALYTICS Better Data + Better Understanding = Better Decisions. Measure success and make better strategic choices with quality data. Gain greater confidence in marketing your business in social media. - Entrance Keywords - Visitor Flow - Referring Sites - Funnel Visualization - Event Tracking - Custom Segments Content User Performance Experience Attribution Technical Modeling Operation - Multi-channel Funnel - Browser & OS - Conversion Assists - Mobile Devices - Social Media Influence - Load Time
  42. 42. Referral Traffic – Quality Metrics
  43. 43. Referral Traffic – Conversions
  44. 44. Multi-Channel Funnels – Overview
  45. 45. Multi-Channel Funnels – Assisted Conversions
  46. 46. Multi-Channel Funnels – Top Conversion Paths
  47. 47. Facebook Insights  Reach, engagement, talking about, check-ins  “Like” demographics and location  Tab views  Referring traffic  Export data #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  48. 48. FACEBOOK Facebook applications create an engaging user experience with your fan base. They can support your social media business goals for data mining, monetization, brand awareness, promotions, and audience participation. Collected Information: Basic Info Facebook ID, Picture, Gender, Location Additional Information (must ask permission to access) About Me Section, Birthday, Check Ins, Education, Events, Groups, Hometown, Interests, Likes, Notes, Photos, Relationship Status, Videos, Work History Custom Application Ideas: • Sweepstakes • Coupons • Store Locator • Quizzes & Trivia • Photo & Video Contests • Brand Awareness • New Product Launch #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  49. 49. YouTube Analytics  Top 10 videos  Geography / Demographics  Drill down by video  Traffic sources  Audience retention  Engagement metrics  Subscribers  Likes / dislikes  Favorites  Comments  Sharing  Export data #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  50. 50. LinkedIn Analytics  Follower metrics  Engagement for specific Products & Services pages  Visits by:  Seniority  Industry  Function  Region  Company Size  Employee vs. Non-employee #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  51. 51. Pinterest Analytics    #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  52. 52. Email Marketing Analytics  Open rates (review subject lines)  Click through rates (links and calls to action)  Personalization tactics  Forward to a friend  A/B testing messaging  A/B testing landing pages #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  53. 53. Production
  54. 54. CONTENT Valuable content and engagement in social media should educate, solve problems, build relationships, expand reach, and promote action. Think sustainability! Attributes of Sustainable Content:  It is compelling and is diverse in its method of delivery  Focuses on quality and demonstrates relevancy and value  Showcases authority and credibility to influence conversions  Provides a personalized feel and simple path to action  Empowers personal and professional development  Written to obtain co-occurrence/co-citation results  Written for social media sharing and engagement  Weaves in off-topic and loosely related content (yet still provides value)  Has an emphasis on visualized design #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  55. 55. PROMOTION Promoting your Twitter profile and great content will help you earn followers and build relevant and authoritative inbound links. Focus on building relationships and earning link equity with great content.  Articles, Guides, Whitepapers  Link bait creation  Guest blogs  Forums and review sites  Local citations  News releases  Reputation responses  User-generated content  Sponsorships / paid media  Video distribution  Infographic placement  Targeted outreach #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  56. 56. BLOGGING Blogs allow you to promote fresh and engaging content and naturally integrate well with social media channels. Content creation and optimization efforts should be designed to amplify your brand message and enhance online visibility. MAIN SITE Conversions Rankings & Traffic BLOGGING COMMUNITY Off-site Visibility Earned Theme Branded Audience Targeted Influencer Shares & Building Authority Engagement Promotion Outreach Links #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  57. 57. Editorial Visualized Community Readability Calendar Content Management User Guest Key Post Series Experience Contribution Influencers Video Social Personalized Polling Integration Sharing Topic Constructive Monitoring Research Generation Conflict
  58. 58. Integrated Blog & Community Management  Focus on readability, user experience and personalized content  Robust, timely and efficient topic monitoring and research  Encourage and facilitate guest contributions  Develop comment generation tactics  Optimize the social sharing experience  Leverage social data to generate powerful topics  Develop and maintain an editorial calendar  Integrate educational and informative videos  Develop a compelling blog post series to encourage repeat visits  Create more visualized content  Establish industry leadership through polls and constructive conflict  Target evangelists and coordinate interviews and relations #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  59. 59. Implementation
  60. 60. SWOT Analysis Revisited STRENGTHS OPPORTUNITIES  Ranking for branded search  Duplicate accounts removed  Optimal images, bio and URL  Few negative mentions  Connected to blog posts  Secure account access  Custom URL shortener with tracking  Customer service requests honored  Custom background  Early adopter with new channels  Engaged followers  ROI tied to all efforts  Valuable and informative content  Solid base of brand evangelists  Loads of retweets  Employee social media guidelines  Personality in messaging  Effective management tools  Timely response strategy  Social CRM integration  Crisis management plan developed  Boost search engine rankings  Excellent following/follower ratio  Proper on-site integration  Sharing widgets in the right spots  Efficient account management  Efforts support business goals  Solid reporting and analysis  Extensive library of digital assets
  61. 61. Acquire > Nurture > Convert  Utilize data to determine effective content  Strategically plan your content  Content calendar / posting schedule  Determine % of activity in each audient segment  Develop outreach strategy for influencers  Utilize management tools  Establish follow criteria  Follower maintenance  Update SWOT analysis Tools / data / experience / hustle / sound marketing #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  62. 62. Twitter Strategy > Recognize  Engage with your brand advocates on a regular basis  Follow the people that follow you on other channels  Give praise for something posted about the industry  Follower of the day  Fan photos  Featured preferred partners  Share other viral content  Favorite tweets  Follow media sites #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  63. 63. Twitter Strategy > Incentivize  Contests (random or earned)  Limited time promo code  First time customer promo  Free product to evangelists  Charitable efforts #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  64. 64. Twitter Strategy > Visualize  Use lots of pictures!  Instagram  Flickr  Videos  Vine  YouTube  Infographics  Infobytes #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  65. 65. Twitter Strategy > Intellectualize  Fact of the day  Trivia / Questions / Polls  Participate in industry tweet chats  Live tweeting (events, conferences, webinars) #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  66. 66. Twitter Strategy > Capitalize  Follow competitors followers if it makes sense  Interesting links build reach  Promote popular hash tags  Consider paying for promoted tweets #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  67. 67. Follower Criteria and Maintenance Your follow-back criteria: Maintenance:  Nobody, everyone, selective  Work for that follower  Following/Follower ratio  Engage and reward  Activity or lack thereof  Are they following you back?  Key Influencers / Brand evangelists  Relevancy Their follow-back criteria:  Following/Follower ratio What is your organization’s position  Credibility on follower criteria?  Valuable Content  Interaction  Incentives and rewards  Recognition #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  68. 68. Profile Optimization Find-ability - High Visibility Gets Traffic  Searchable name / support brand  Bio – add @profile, hash tag or URL  Tell people why they should follow you  Test various elements  Is location important?  Web URL supports your goals  Favorites / Public Lists  Multiple users – consider monikers ^KK  Custom URL shortener (trackable) #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  69. 69. Profile Design  Brand colors / easy to read  Add more info / images  Call to action / phone number  Promote other profiles  Add personality (get creative with the profile pic and header image) #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  70. 70. Twitter Visibility Tips  Build reach with interesting and unique links  Stop talking about yourself!  Don’t be negative / don’t be boring  For more clicks, tweet slower  Longer tweets get more clicks  For more clicks, tweet later in the day and week  Weave in words that lead to retweets: you, free, new  Learn what words are least retweetable  Put links near the beginning of tweets  Links get retweeted  Use action words to get more clicks  Social call to actions  Please RT! #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  71. 71. Organic Visibility Tips  Get your Twitter profile to rank  Proactive reputation management  Link building and Twitter directories  Daily recap service (, storify)  Cross-channel promotion  Include handle in press releases  Email signature / newsletters  Offline promotion  TV, radio, print, business cards, tradeshow displays, storefront, QR codes  Use standard hash tags to support themes  Tweet about timely trending topics #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  72. 72. On-site Promotion Use-ability - Make Audience Participation Easy Share-ability - Provide Tools to Spread Your Message  Profile link placement  Feed on homepage, newsroom or blog  Fresh content  Sharing widget  Determine what should be shareable  Pre-populated text (make it easy)  Twitter sign-in option  Retweet links within content  Promote hash tags within content #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  73. 73. Reporting
  74. 74. REPORTING Your reporting solution(s) should provide your business the necessary information for accountability in managing social media. Focus on the efforts and ROI metrics that support your market share visibility and bottom line. Hard Conversions:  Form leads / online transactions  Phone orders (call tracking number)  Coupon code redemption Soft Conversions:  Follower metrics  Retweets KPI’s (quantity and quality):  @replies  Direct messages  Profile ranking in SERPs There is no magic ROI calculation for  Add to lists / favorites social media – use what makes  Brand sentiment sense for your business Creative Calculations:  Value of a Twitter follower  Value of retweet / trending topic #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  75. 75. Pulling It All Together!  Think holistically (end result in mind)  Detailed SWOT analysis  Follow a process – generate more creativity  Understand your audience  Don’t skimp on strategy and data analysis (work smarter, not harder)  Develop a best practices library and integrate efforts  Execute well and on time  Close the loop  Think next practices #SMSSummit @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline
  76. 76. Thank You! Kurt Krejny