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Top 10 Things Steve Ballmer tells his Closest Friends about Microsoft’s SharePoint

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We've have it on great authority; from a friend of a friend who knows someone who might be a close friend of Ballmer (we think Steve Ballmer) that the following is what he tells them.

Top 10 Things Steve Ballmer tells his Closest Friends about Microsoft’s SharePoint

  1. Steve Ballmer
  2. Let’s put things in perspective…SHAREPOINT EVERYONE ELSE
  3. You can’t stop the bullettrain, you can only hope toconnect with it.
  4. I tell my competitors, ‘that if you see abandwagon, it’s too late.’
  5. If an Airplane followed the same developmentcycle as SharePoint, a Boeing 747 today wouldget a million miles per gallon, cost $1000, andtravel 100,000 miles per hour.
  6. There’s an enormous number ofSharePoint Admin who can relaxon the job
  7. What he secretly says about them
  8. Kept trying to tell Jive CEO Tony Zingaleits best to wait until a product is outof beta before you file for an IPO.
  9. Word is IBM has built a thinking chip;so theyre now in the process ofreplacing the Connections Softwaredevelopment team.
  10. Notice that the fear of computers becomingI Intelligent and taking over the world has entirelydisappeared from the media? Seems to me, thiscoincides with the release of Oracle’s BusinessIntelligence Suite.
  11. If you make something idiot proofevolution will insure the rapidemergence of a better idiot.
  12. We once considered Jive as a product name, butworried its meaning of deceptive, exaggerated ormeaningless talk might be a liability.
  13. If IBM’s, Thomas Watson were alive todayh he’d instead say, ‘I think there’s a world Connectionsmarket for about 5 Computers
  14. "I would love to change theworld, but wont giveme the source code"
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