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Facebook For Business

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Chad Richards "Facebook for Business" presentation at Hoosier PRSA's 2010 Social Media Bootcamp.

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Facebook For Business

  1. The Landscape
  2. How People Share Online Social Media is 21st Century “Word of Mouth”
  3. More than 400 million active users. If Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd largest. 50% of users logon every day Average user spends more than 7 hours per month on Facebook (more than Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft. Wikipedia & Amazon COMBINED) Average user has 130 friends and “fans” 2 pages per month #1 site for photo sharing. #2 for user generated video. More than 700,000 businesses have Pages - creating more than 5.3 billion fans 1 in 4 of all page views on the Internet are on a Facebook page 100 million people access Facebook from mobile devices
  4. Businesses should use Pages instead of Profiles & Pages allow multiple admins
  5. Pages provide analytics & Pages are always publicly visible
  6. Pages allow custom landing tabs (Static FBML) & Updates to Fans (like mass emailing)
  7. Facebook Ads can be created for Pages & Contests can be run on Pages
  8. Is my audience on Facebook?
  9. What incentive is there for people to become a fan of my Page? How can I add value?
  10. What are my goals?
  11. What is the strategy to achieve those goals?
  12. How will I measure success?
  13. What existing content do I have to share?
  14. What kinds of content will I need to create?
  15. Who will manage it all?
  16. Page Interface
  17. Profile Photo
  18. Status Box
  19. Create Ads
  20. “Toolbox”
  21. Wall
  22. Analytics
  23. Edit Page
  24. Edit Page
  25. Top Half
  26. Page Settings
  27. News & Updates from Facebook
  28. Analytics
  29. Wall Settings
  30. Change Landing Tab
  31. Change Landing Page
  32. Landing Page Examples
  33. Edit Page (cont)
  34. Promotion Info
  35. Update to Fans
  36. Update to Fans
  37. Target Update > Compose Message
  38. Edit Page (cont)
  39. Bottom Half
  40. Admins
  41. Tips from Facebook
  42. Apps
  43. Static FBML App
  44. Static FBML - Custom Tabs
  45. Change Tab Title > Edit FBML
  46. Vanity URL
  48. Syndicate to Twitter
  50. Understanding Insights
  51. Access Analytics
  52. Insights Dashboard
  53. Active Fans
  54. Graph Drop Down
  55. All Fans
  56. Graph Drop Down
  57. Promotions
  58. Facebook Video
  59. Sharing Embedding “Fan”-ing
  60. Edit > Title, Tag, Select Thumbnail
  61. Wall Posts
  62. Status Box
  63. Standard Update Update with link
  64. Only 12-20% of fans will see a wall post in their Live Feed.
  65. 90-9-1 Rule
  66. 100 Fans 12 20 10.8 read 18 read 1.08 like 1.8 like .12 comment .2 comment
  67. Wall Posts Click Thru Rate
  68. Facebook Ads
  69. Access Ads
  70. Design > Text & Image
  71. Target
  72. Set Daily Budget & Pricing
  73. Review & Pay
  74. 5 ways to promote your Page on Facebook (without Ads)
  75. #1 Become a Fan
  76. #2 Suggest Page to Friends
  77. #3 Share photos, videos, notes your Page posts
  78. #4 Include “@ link” to Page in status updates
  79. #5 Link to Page in status updates
  80. Promote your Page outside of Facebook too!
  81. So remember...
  82. If you build it, the will NOT come. Promote your Page. Be responsive. Make data-driven decisions regarding posts - especially media. Don’t just talk about yourself. Ask questions. Use contests and promotions to generate traffic and build excitement. Consider targeted Ads to increase traffic and fan #s. Set quarterly goals with steps to achieve them. Give it time.You’re in this for the long run.