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How Credit Card Processing Works

Are you interested in how credit card processing works? Check out this presentation from First Atlantic Commerce that details who is involved and how you get approved or denied.

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How Credit Card Processing Works

  2. 2.  But how many of us have a real understanding of how credit cards work?  This presentation will explain how credit card processing works, so you can get a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes. WE USE CREDIT CARDS EVERY DAY…
  3. 3.  Basically, this means that you will provide a merchant with your card or the details of the card to begin the transaction. THE CARDHOLDER WILL INITIATE THE TRANSACTION
  4. 4.  After you submit your data, the merchant will send your data to an international payment gateway. The payment gateway will in return format the data securely and submit the data to the merchant’s bank processor. DATA TRAVELS THROUGH THE GATEWAY
  5. 5.  After the data goes to the merchant bank, the merchant bank’s processor will submit the data to the credit card network. The merchant bank will then route the transaction to the issuing bank. THE DATA GOES TO THE CREDIT CARD NETWORK
  6. 6.  After the issuing bank receives the transaction information, it can approve or decline the transaction based on where the transaction is taking place and how the amount relates to the amount of credit available. This information is then shared with the credit card network merchant bank’s processor, and the payment gateway. The results can then be sent to the merchant who will let the customer know of the final decision.  Want to learn more? Check out this blog post from First Atlantic Commerce on how credit card processing works. APPROVED OR DENIED