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Online Reputation Management (ORM) Strategy - 1stRankSEO

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Online Reputation is very important for any online business. ORM play am important role in online marketing and internet marketing.
In this slide show, We have describe all about ORM (Online Reputation Management).
- Why ORM?
- What is ORM?
- ORM work of scope

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Online Reputation Management (ORM) Strategy - 1stRankSEO

  1. 1. Online Reputation Management
  2. 2. Why ORM?
  3. 3. What is ORM? Reputation Monitoring ORM Search Protection Reviews Management Damage Repair Branding on Social Media
  4. 4. ORM Scope of Work Search Protection • Brand Keywords Protection • SE Wipeout • Rich Snippets Reputation Monitoring • Track your Reputation • Keyword based Monitoring Review Management • Onsite Feedback • Integrated Reviews Solution • Offsite Reviews Damage Repair • Dialogue Control • Negative Review Burial / Replacement • Microsites / Decoy Sites Branding on Social Media • Channel Management • Community Development • Social Posts
  5. 5. Reputation Monitoring  Keep a track of your Reputation  Keyword based monitoring  Social Media  News  Blogs  Forums
  6. 6. Search Protection  Brand Keywords Protection  Ensures positive results on search engines when brand name and related phrases aresearched  SE Wipeout  Removal/Replacement/Burial of search results showing negative reviews or opinions or bad PR.  Rich Snippets  Authorship and Microformats compliance to show Google validated data about your brand when searched.
  7. 7. Review Management  Onsite Feedback  Collection of customer reviews on your site  Visibility and Discoverability of positive customer feedback on site  Integrated Reviews Solution  On-site tools to have integrated reviews publishing across all managed social media  Offsite Reviews  Managing rebuttals and positive review publishing across third-party sites
  8. 8. Damage Repair  Dialogue Control  Addressing bad PR and negative comments  Connect with disgruntled customers to get the reviews off  Negative Review Burial / Replacement  Ensuring that negative reviews are taken down or replaced by positive ones on third-party sites  Microsites / Decoy Sites  Development of campaign and purpose specific websites
  9. 9. Branding on Social Media  Channel Management  Social Media channels managed and ghost-run by experts  Community Development  Building fans, followers and likes  Customer Engagement  Social Posts  Getting the buzzword out  Campaign specific postings across Socio-sphere
  10. 10. This is where we begin  1stRankSEO Solution Abhishek Bhardwaj CEO, Founder Mob: +91 9811071539 Visit: Email:,