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Amazon Downunder - Interpreting Opportunity & Managing Risk

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An insight session for retailers ahead of Amazon's imminent launch into Australasian markets. Developed for leading supply chain specialist software developers - CIN7

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Amazon Downunder - Interpreting Opportunity & Managing Risk

  2. 2. C I N 7 . C O M TODAY'S SESSION 1 NZ retail sector market dynamics 2 Learnings - Amazon's progress & future strategy  3 Interpreting opportunity - how can retailers benefit? 5 Summary & Question time  Importance of readiness Embracing disruption Value in marketplaces How to lead - not follow Uncover growth opportunities Working smarter - not harder 4 Managing risk - adapting now to minimise impact  OUTCOME GOALS
  3. 3. C I N 7 . C O M DISRUPTION IS THE NEW CONSTANT 'Retail has changed more in the past decade, than in the entire last century'
  4. 4. C I N 7 . C O M DECADE OF DISRUPTION Shoppers no longer geographically limited The GFC refocused consumer wants & expectations Consumers have become empowered and purposeful
  5. 5. C I N 7 . C O M ONLINE SALES 0 50 100 150 Jan 2010Jan 2011Jan 2012Jan 2013Jan 2014Jan 2015Jan 2016 200 250 Jan 2017 Domestic 59% International 41% Source: Marketview
  6. 6. C I N 7 . C O M DIGITAL INFLUENCE 0 20 40 60 80 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Source: Delloite - The Digital Divide Digital influenceis inspiring anddriving decisionsin over 70% of alltransactions
  7. 7. C I N 7 . C O M CATEGORY TRENDS Source: Marketview
  8. 8. C I N 7 . C O M REGIONAL PERFORMANCE Source: Marketview
  9. 9. C I N 7 . C O M SUMMARY Online Growth Continues. Retailers must have strong online visibility and functionality in order to be part of consumers' consideration set. Offshore Attrition Continues. Consumers are hungry for choice and differentiation that's not being demonstrated by retailers locally. Underlying Strength Remains. The retail sector continues to deliver opportunities for growth and profitability for those that can balance bricks and mortar stores with a compelling online proposition.
  10. 10. C I N 7 . C O M AMAZON DOWN-UNDER SOME BUSINESS MODELS WILL BE VULNERABLE 'Amazon will eat our breakfasts, lunches & dinners' Wesfarmers (KMART, Coles & Bunnings) group managing director Richard Goyder
  11. 11. C I N 7 . C O M QUICK FACTS 65 MILLION People in the US are Amazon Prime customers USD2,500 Average amount an Amazon Prime user spends on Amazon annually 44% Of all households in the US are Amazon Prime members USD540 Average amount a non-Prime user spends on Amazon annually 6.4 BILLION Amazon Prime revenue for 2016 49% Year on year Amazon Prime growth Source: Amazon USA
  12. 12. C I N 7 . C O M MAJOR MOVES Source: Amazon USA
  13. 13. C I N 7 . C O M SUMMARY Here to Stay. Amazon will become a key part of peoples lives so businesses need to develop an understanding and participation. Get Amongst. Retailers must be a part of the Amazon Marketplace to increase visibility, reach and relevance. This will be as vital as Google. Start Now. Businesses need to start adapting immediately, aligning their organisations with best practice and opportunity. 
  14. 14. C I N 7 . C O M ENABLEMENT 'Retailers must re-prioritise e-commerce - reflecting its influence on performance across all sales channels' THE SILENT INFLUENCER & SELLER
  15. 15. C I N 7 . C O M RETAIL VITALS Digitally Visible & Capable Convenient Competitive & Achievable
  16. 16. C I N 7 . C O M RETAIL VITALS Immersive & Experiential Differentiated Aspirational
  17. 17. C I N 7 . C O M RETAIL VITALS Digitally Visible & Capable Search priority & content quality  Link-driven traffic driving visitation  Competitor awareness and edge Full e-commerce functionality 
  18. 18. C I N 7 . C O M RETAIL VITALS Immersive & Experiential Products people feel a belonging with Store environments delivering escapism  Activities that go beyond the transaction Inspiring discovery and delight
  19. 19. C I N 7 . C O M RETAIL VITALS Convenient Empowering customers  Removing any barriers  Delivering beyond competitors Focus on user experience
  20. 20. C I N 7 . C O M RETAIL VITALS Competitive & Achievable Pricing that meets its market   Ensemble pricing demonstrating value Stepping stones of value Customer succession 
  21. 21. C I N 7 . C O M RETAIL VITALS Differentiated Products that set your brand apart  Attention & service that's memorable In-store experiences people return for Deserving of advocacy 
  22. 22. C I N 7 . C O M RETAIL VITALS Aspirational Brand values consumers identify with   Products people love and want to own Experience that drives advocacy A relationship shoppers are proud of 
  23. 23. C I N 7 . C O M WHAT ARE YOUR KEY PRIORITIES NOW? Get an Amazon account set up to understand and master the system Interpret where your competitive advantage may lie (such as unique products, or better shipping prices) Enhance digital content and capability so your offer differentiates & gains priority. Find your fit within other local or category specific marketplaces too.
  24. 24. C I N 7 . C O M SUMMARY Integrated Approach. Businesses must approach the opportunity strategically - deploying integrated initiatives to achieve success. Leverage Collective Strength. Visibility and reach are vital. Amazon and other marketplaces help smaller scale retailers achieve this. Focus on the Vitals. Create and demonstrate differentiation that will set your business apart in what will become an even more crowded market. 
  25. 25. C I N 7 . C O M QUESTIONS