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Projects Ain’t Nobody Got Time For

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Studio Macouno has been realizing post industrial projects for two decades. Though they’re very busy doing things like creating generative shavers for Philips and designing life size 3D printed petition elephants, those are but a fraction of what they would like to do.

In this talk Dolf will explore the projects they just don’t have time for. The things the studio would love to do but can’t do on it’s own. The things that are way out there… Those that don’t seem possible, or are just too much work. The dreams that they think are a bit too much, but they just might do anyway.

Finding, funding and founding cooperatives for creative futurist projects.

Target Audience
People interested in making things today that seem ideas for tomorrow.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn
Some about generative design
3d printing
Running projects
And making things happen

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Projects Ain’t Nobody Got Time For

  1. 1. 42 SKULLS
  2. 2. 42 SKULLS 1. Limited edition prints
  3. 3. 42 SKULLS 1. Limited edition prints 2. The Book
  4. 4. UWATELA 1. New materials
  5. 5. UWATELA 1. New materials 2. New presentation
  6. 6. THE LIGHTS
  7. 7. AMERDAHL
  8. 8. SOFT BOTS