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Resources: Grief After a Substance-Use Death (Massachusetts)

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A list of resources for people bereaved by a substance-use death, highlighting several resources in Massachusetts.

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Resources: Grief After a Substance-Use Death (Massachusetts)

  1. 1. RESOURCES GRIEF AFTER A SUBSTANCE-USE DEATH © 2018 Unified Community Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Updated 06/15/2018. Permission granted for non-commercial use: UCS logo and copyright must be included. Download free at Contact UCS at SUPPORT GROUP DIRECTORIES • Massachusetts groups: • GRASP (national): ONLINE SUPPORT GROUPS • “Team Sharing” closed Facebook groups (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut): • “Broken No More” closed Facebook group (national): • The Compassionate Friends ( closed Facebook groups: • For bereaved parents and grandparents: • For bereaved siblings: INFORMATION ON GRIEF AFTER SUD • Bereaved by Addiction: A Booklet for Anyone Bereaved Through Drug or Alcohol Use:* • From What’s Your Grief: • “Grief After an Overdose Death” (article & podcast): • Part 1: • Part 2: • “Surviving the Grief of an Overdose Death” (booklet, $2): INFORMATION ON PROVIDING SUPPORT TO BEREAVED PEOPLE • Bereaved Through Substance Use: Guidelines for Those Whose Work Brings Them into Contact with Adults Bereaved After a Drug or Alcohol-Related Death:* * These booklets, available free as downloads, are excellent sources of general information (even though the resources they list are in the U.K.).