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Meet the Flat Classroom 2012

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Meet the Flat Classroom 2012

  1. 1. When you Go Flat You Never Go Back! Meet the Flat Classroom® Directors Vicki Davis Julie Lindsay
  2. 2. In This Session We Will….  Share pedagogical approaches to connecting and collaborating in the classroom K-12, and beyond!  Explore Flat Classroom® Projects and browse tools and resources available for global collaboration  Share stories of connected learning  Come to an understanding of what a flattened classroom is and how any teacher can flatten their classroom walls now
  3. 3. Introduction  Who is the Flat Classroom®? • Where can you find us?  Directors and co-founders Julie Lindsay @julielindsay Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher @flatclassroom #flatclass  Coordinator: Lisa Durff @durff
  4. 4. What do we do?  Flat Classroom® Projects LLC  Flat Classroom® Project and all other projects  Certified Teacher program  Flat Classroom® Conference and live Events Inc. a 501(c) 3 Non profit  Conference  to help scholarship students from areas of the world in need.  Digiteen Project
  5. 5. Flat Classroom Book! Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time Published January 2012 More than a book…
  6. 6. projects and pedagogy
  7. 7. Pedagogical Approaches to Global Learning
  8. 8. global
  9. 9. connected
  10. 10. project-based
  11. 11. students and teachers
  12. 12. virtual participation
  13. 13. collaborative
  14. 14. What is a Flat Classroom®? Transforming Education through Global Collaboration
  15. 15. Wiki-centric Global Collaboration using Web 2.0 Tools Authentic Problem Solving using Real-World Topics ‘Flat’ learning – teacher to student, student to student
  16. 16. B P i e r c s a e t c t
  17. 17. 7 Steps to Flatten Your Classroom 1.CONNECT 2.COMMUNICATE 3.CITIZENSHIP 4.CONTRIBUTE & COLLABORATE 5.CHOICE 6.CREATE 7.CELEBRATE Part II of the Book covers the steps, p 31
  18. 18. CONNECTION Taxonomy of global ©Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay connection p 54-56
  19. 19. COMMUNICATION Traditional Flat Classroom Classroom Separated by Unified by the LOCATION INTERNET Separated by TIME Unified by ASYNCHRONOUS communications tools
  20. 20. CITIZENSHIP © Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay 2011
  21. 21. CONTRIBUTION &COLLABORATION •Receive •Read •Respond P 128-130
  22. 22. Collaboration Primer • 2 or more people working together – Higher order thinking skill • Local: – geographical proximity – more opportunity for synchronous communication – often cultural and linguistic differences minimized. • Global: – Collaborators geographically dispersed (eg cultural and linguistic differences or different time-zones) – requires more asynchronous communication
  23. 23. The Evolution of Global Collaboration in Education P7
  24. 24. CHOICE Revised 2001 by Lorin Anderson
  25. 25. CELEBRATE Why Celebrate? Step 7: Celebrate • Ongoing Improvement – Kaizen • Retrospection • Closure • Sense of accomplishment • Provide feedback • Cement cooperative learning experiences A thought about Retrospection……. • It would be sad to retire and have it said, “she didn’t teach 30 years, she taught 1 year 30 times.” The Chapter on Celebration, Kaizen and ongoing school-wide improvement begins on page 215
  26. 26. Flat Classroom® Global Projects P10-11* Flat Classroom® Project @flatclassroom P11-12 Digiteen™ Project @digiteen P13-14 ‘A Week in the Life…’ Project Gr3-5 @flatclassroom P12-13 @netgened NetGenEd™ Project P13 @eracismproject Eracism™ Project P13 @flatclassroom K-2 Project Building Bridges to Tomorrow NEW! @flatclasskids *See the frameworks for each model on referenced page numbers.
  27. 27. The Flat Classroom Project – the original project from 2006 Mashup = Mixture
  28. 28. Concept Mashup •
  29. 29. P 10-11
  30. 30. “A week in the life…” This is the Flat Classroom™ Framework We use to outline projects. It uses the Connection Planning Tool p 51-55 and Flat Classroom Framework p 244-249
  31. 31. Tool #1– The Wiki – Write & Publish • Flat Classroom Project Wiki
  32. 32. Tool #2 – The Ning - Communicate • Flat Classroom Project Wiki
  33. 33. Tool #3 – Google Calendar
  34. 34. Tool #4 – Blackboard Weekly Teacher Meetings * Summit * Awards Show
  35. 35. Why global projects?
  36. 36. Where do I find global partners?
  37. 37. How to find Project Partners? 3. Where? Where? #1 Social Networks Description URL Global collaborative project ideas inspired by the Learning 2.0 educational network Flat Classroom Educator Network Global Education Conference Global Classrooms Taking IT Global
  38. 38. How to find Project Partners? 3. Where? Where? #2 Established Networks Location URL iEarn ePals Skype Education Flat Classroom Projects eTwinning (europe online)
  39. 39. How to find Project Partners? 3. Where? Where? #3 Hashtags Location URL #flatclass Conversations around the principles of merging classrooms and co-creating together #globaled Global education conversations #globalclassroom Conversations around global classroom conversations #edchat Lots of conversations happen on this hashtag in education
  40. 40. How to find Project Partners? 3. Where? Where? #4 Conferences Location URL K12 Online Conference (online only) - free Global Education Conference (online only) m/ – free ISTE ($) Flat Classroom Conferences (Free for virtual $ for f2f) Lots of conferences by Look for them! curriculum area
  41. 41. Flat Classroom® Certified Teacher  14-week online course  Learn alongside other educators how to flatten your own classroom  Global collaboration design and pedagogy  Design your own project with other global educators like you!
  42. 42. Our Live Events  Flat Classroom® Conference  2009 – Doha, Qatar  2011 – Beijing, China  2012 – Germany  2013 – Japan  Flat Classroom® Workshops  Hong Kong 2009  Mumbai 2010, 2012  USA (educators) 2008, 2010  DigiTeacher™ Workshop  ISTE 2010, 2011, 2012?  Mumbai 2012
  43. 43. Flat Classroom® Conference a 501(c)3 nonprofit Asia 2013 Japan – March 8-10, 2013
  44. 44. Flyers ( Front )
  45. 45. Announcing F.L.A.T.s! Flat Learning Action Talks The online talk you'll want to hear! Regular online sessions featuring inspirational ideas from global educators and students. Starting again in September 2012
  46. 46. Announcing Project Databank! The best global ‘clearing house’ of projects in the world Open NOW for applications
  47. 47. Is there a Flat Classroom in your future? Join us @flatclassroom #flatclass
  48. 48. Visit us! Julie Vicki http:/

Notas del editor

  • Understand that flat classrooms are based upon things you already understand – Research Based Best Practices such as differentiated instruction, authentic assessment, cooperative learning, and project based learning. The only difference is that your classroom is merged with other classrooms and your student’s partners are in other time zones and locations.
  • Vicki:
  • So, the flat classroom removes the barriers of time and space, allowing students to collaborate across the world and even across time with legacy projects… our student’s grandchildren could literally contribute to a project that today’s students did in gradeschool.
  • Vicki: - talk about Areas of AwarenessJulie: Cover Rays of Understanding
  • Julie: The 3R’s – without these there is no true collaboration or co-creation
  • Julie: We describe global collaboration in stages. GC 3.0 = more emphasis on co-created multimedia products, use of social media tools for communication, high expectations to connect in an ongoing manner, student-centered learning
  • Julie:
  • Julie: Our aim is to create projects and opportunities across all levels of education. Right now we have FCP and NetGenEd for high school, Digiteen for upper ES, MS and HS, AWL for upper ES, Eracism for MS HS and our new pilot this semester is Building Bridges to Tomorrow for K-2 level – over 40 classrooms from about more than 10 countries
  • Julie: The Flat Classroom Project Framework shows the essential construct of this global collaborative project
  • Vicki: