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Resolving Workplace Conflicts: Employee Relations - Discrimination towards Disabled

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Many disabilities are visible, but many disabilities aren't. Discriminating against obvious disabilities is overt and damaging enough to work relationships. Assuming there isn't a disability and then discriminating against perceived incompetence is more covert and very damaging. An individual is inaccurately labeled without consideration for accommodations that could contribute to his or her success. So, discrimination may be cruel in its obvious intent to belittle others whose disabilities are apparent, or it may be extraordinarily unfair when individuals are treated as less than human because the disabilities aren't apparent or known.

With this tool you get the following:

* The effects discrimination against diverse team members have on the organization.
* Considerations for why discrimination occurs.
* Numerous solutions for addressing discrimination.
* Ideas for negotiating/adjusting solutions.
* Potential barriers and ways to overcome them to achieve resolution.
* Implementation timeframe.
* Follow-up review commitments.

Additionally, we provide a blank, editable Conflict Resolution Worksheet and the Worksheet Guidelines providing a step-by-step process for addressing your own workplace conflicts.

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Resolving Workplace Conflicts: Employee Relations - Discrimination towards Disabled

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