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O Theres My Data The Open Data Protocol (O Data)

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Presented @ PASSMN on July 17, 2012

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O Theres My Data The Open Data Protocol (O Data)

  1. 1. O, There’s My DataThe Open Data Protocol (OData)Steve HughesPrincipal Consultant, Magenic7/17/2012Minnesota SQL Server User Group Meeting
  2. 2. I called you all here …» Mark Souza» Why use OData?» Is it really necessary for Data Pros?
  3. 3. Introducing the Open Data Protocol» Commonly known as OData» Built on established protocols » REST » Atom » HTTP» Open specification from Microsoft» Designed to expose data from a variety of sources
  4. 4. OData Feeds» Data structure support » Tables » Foreign keys » Stored procedures» Data type support » Originally designed to support SQL 2008 and Entity Framework » Designed to be flexible » For example, Oracle EF implementation can be supported
  5. 5. Entity Data Model» This is the structure of the feed» Entity Type » Individual entity in the feed, similar to a row» Entity Key » One or more entity properties making each entity type unique in the feed» Entity Set » Collection of entities, essentially a table» Service Operation » Function or stored procedures that can be used in the feed
  6. 6. Building a ModelUsing Visual Studio to build a model
  7. 7. Windows Communication Foundation» “WCF is a unified programming model for building service-oriented applications.” – MSDN ( us/library/dd936243.aspx)» WCF supports multiple network protocols including HTTP and TCP» WCF supports multiple message formats such as SOAP and REST» We will use a WCF project to expose an OData feed based on our entity model
  8. 8. Building a WCF ServiceUsing Visual Studio to create the WCF Data Service
  9. 9. Native OData Support» Consumers (read feeds) » PowerPivot & SSAS Tabular » Reporting Services» Distributors (expose feeds) » Windows Azure Table Storage » Windows Azure Marketplace » SharePoint » Stack Overflow
  10. 10. PowerPivot DemoConsuming our OData feed with PowerPivot for Excel
  11. 11. Painful OData Support a.k.a. SSIS» SSIS does not natively support OData feeds» My goal – use OData as an SSIS Source» Technology tried along the way » LINQ » Able to connect to the feed but not the right tool for SSIS » ATOM & XML » Works – creates files on the server, not the best option, but it works » DataServiceQuery » Works – allows us to create SSIS Source task which returns rows
  12. 12. OData Feed in SSISShowing how to retrieve data from OData feeds in SSIS
  13. 13. References» Connecting to Windows Azure SQL Database Through WCF:» Loading Data from an ATOM Data Feed into SQL Server: QL10R2UPD01_HOL_03/Exercise-1-Loading-Data-from-an-ATOM-Data-Feed-into- SQL-Server» SSIS – Using a Script Component as a Source» DataServiceContext Class: us/library/» Chris Woodruff – 31 Days of OData Blog Series: series/
  14. 14. Wrap Up» Creating an OData feed requires .NET coding» Consuming an OData feed – Native vs Custom»Q&A
  15. 15. Steve Hughes» Principal Consultant with Magenic» Over 15 years with SQL Server» Chair of Minnesota SQL Server User Group (PASSMN)» PASS Regional Mentor for US-NorthEast Region» Contact Info » Blog: » Twitter: @DataOnWheels » Email: