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Interior Architecture Projects during my study in LASALLE

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  1. 1. 2 CONTACTS : +65 8686 5738 Full Name : Florencia Irena Sutianto Date of Birth : 23rd October 1992 Place of Birth : Pekanbaru, Indonesia EDUCATION : Interior Design Ba (Hons), LASALLE College of the Art, Sin- gapore 2011-2014 (Graduated with a First Class Honours) Currently enrolled skills : basic visual and drawing, 2d and 3d design, graphic communication, visual presentation, Imovie, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Google Sketchup, and Adobe Photoshop Faculty of Foundation Studies, LASALLE College of the Art, Singapore, 2010-2011 developed core visual art skills includeing drawing, 2d, 3d, and image manipulation. High School, Santa Maria Senior High School, Pekanbaru, Indonesia | June 2010 Major in Science
  2. 2. Involvements : LASALLE Open House - January 2014 - Registration Booth Welcomed and assisted guests on online registration and goodie bag distribution Octoburst @ Esplanade, Esplanade Youths I October 2013 celebrating children’s day, helping in Moon balloon activity (craft workshop for the young visitors) Rangoli Workshop @Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre, Esplanade Youths I September 2013 Helping on the activity of making Indian art, assisting and communicating with the elderly LASALLE Open House I T-shirt & Goodie Bag distribution I August 2013 Welcomed and assisted new students LASALLE 3sixty Camp, Student Ambassador I December 2012​ Welcomed and assisted 30 prospect students in a 3 days camp LASALLE Open House I registration staff and Tour guide - July 2012 Staffed the registration desk and helped the students register for classes, conducted a campus tour to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to new international students. Charity Show Project (Marina Bay Sand) I December 2011 Creating a bakcstage for Media Corp from recycled material within a group President of School Organisation I Santa Maria High School I 2009/2010 Voted and served as the student representative, coordinated the school events Yearbook committee - creative division I Santa Maria High School I 2010 followed and checked the process of School Yearbook; making and writing articles ​ ​ Training “Digital Glamour Photography” I July 2006 attended a full day workshop with Indonesian Photographer, Darwis Triadi Exhibitions : Adore - May 2014 An exhibition based on study trip to Switzerland and Rome​ Faber Castell Art Exhibition I December 2012 Created an a2 size painting which selected an exhibited @ ION ART GALLERY Pameran Poskad Exhibition I August 2012 Joined the fourth annual installment of pameran poskad which presented at Viridian Art House and Galeri Utama along with more than 400 artists from 31countries. LASALLE’s Visual Studies Foundation Workshop Exhibtion I March 2011 Photoshop’s image manipulation selected and exhibited for public LASALLE’s Lecture and Student Collaboration I March 2011 Helping on Architecture Project of “Temple Redux” LASALLE Open House Exhibition I January 2011 Shorlisted Drawing sketchbook and displayed for public Aaartivist I November 2010 MIS (Moving Image and Sound) project selected and exhibited
  3. 3. Awards: 1st Place @ LASALLE T-shirt Design Competition I July 2013 Printed for new Orientation Students 2nd Place @ 100% Family T-shirt Design | June 2013 Design for annual event held by National Family Celebrations Finalist @ Sungha Jung Guitar Competition I May 2013 Top 10 in the open category Shortlisted Artwork @ Faber Castell Art Competition I Dec 2012 Exhibited @ ION Art Gallery ; Sold out Finalist @ Sony Skin Design Competition I July 2012 Designing a frame for Sony Product Commendation Price @ Anti-Drug Art Competition I July 2012 Created a poster for Anti Drug 1st Place @ LASALLE T-shirt Design Competition I July 2012 Printed for new Orientation Students 1st Place @ Recycling Competition I March 2009 Making an organic tea for plants Work Experiences : Intern @ Metamoprh Works Singapore I June-July 2013 working on design proposal, 3d renderings, and detail drawings. Intern Photographer @M3 Studio, Pekanbaru, Indonesia I June-July 2011 served clients with friendliness, Photo Editing, and self-experiment.​
  4. 4. Final Year Project Final Year Project B E A U T I F U L . . d e c a y . . .
  5. 5. WABI SABI The beauty expressed in Japanese art and culture is very different apart from that of western art and culture. Symmetry and grandeur have become part of the early western architecture. As well with sculpture, drama, law and philosophy, absolute perfection was sought. The Japanese’s art phi- losophy begins with the understanding of basic reality such as the con- stant change. It is known as “Wabi Sabi.” It suggests such qualities as imper- manence, asymmetry, and imperfection. These underlying principles are diametrically op- posed to those of Greece, whose values are rooted in Hellenic worldview that values permanence, grandeur, symmetry and perfection. Wabi Sabi consists of two different words. Wabi comes from the word Wabishii, which means humble or something that is very simple, while Sabi comes from the word Sabishi that means loneli- ness. Together, they create elegance meaning; it is a concept, and an aesthetic philosophy. Simply to put, it is an intuitive way of living that emphasizes and accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. It is the most conspicuous and characteristic feature of what we think of as the traditional Japanese beauty. It has the same importance to Japanese aesthetic values as the Greek ideals of beauty and perfection do in Western thought. ... Wabi Sabi embraces the incomplete and imperfect as a way to grasp simple beauty and transience. It seeks the purity of natu- ral imperfection and the idea of nothing remains unchanged and all must die at the end, including architecture. Nothing is more closely associated with wabi sabi than one of their ritual ceremony. It is called “cha-no-yu,” liter- ally means “Hot Water for Tea”. The Japanese treat Tea as an aesthetic pas- time in which powdered green tea is served in a refined atmosphere.
  6. 6. I S T A N A W O O D N E U K . . . T A N G L I N H I L L . . . S I T E Located in Tanglin Hill, Istana Wood- neuk was built in the late 1970’2 by HH Abu Bakar for his wife Sultana Fatimah, a Turkish Princess given by Ottoman Empire. The Original Istana Woodneuk (one that belong to Sultana Fatima) was reportedly damage by fire in 1925 before replaced by the same new structure. The new woodneuk was also reported damage by fire during heavy bombing by Japanese invader. It was renovated for Malcolm Mcdonald in 1945 after he was evicted from Istana Bukit Serene by HH Ibrahim. For the third time, the 2 storey building was engulfed in a major fire (unknown year). The entire blue tiled roos, which was previously visible from satellite images, was destroyed, together with the most of the second storey. Most of the debris that covered the second storey has been cleared, except for this small staircase. Some of the blue tiles are still visible among the debris. It was one of the two royal palaces owned by Johor in Singapore. PROPOSED SCHEME : BOUTIQUE HO- TEL While such ruins were a product of destructive forces, they could serve as a foundation for con- structing the future. It is the idea to transform the abandoned palace into something that people always linked with glamour and luxury. The ruins of Istana Woodneuk will host a boutique hotel through the lens of wabi sabi.
  7. 7. B E F O R E D A M A G E A F T E R D A M A G E C U R R E N T C O N D I T I O N
  8. 8. Scolopendra sp. NATURAL STRUCTURE
  10. 10. C O M P E T I T I O N S . . . A N D M I S C E L L A N E O U S