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Motion deck - Launch48

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Motion deck - Launch48

  1. 1. Sports Science for Everyone Venture presentation – Oct 2013 Confidential Motion London Launch48 Weekend July 2014
  2. 2. Correct Motion improves Performance Correct Form prevents injury Confidential Ambitious athletes benefit from motion control, but have to pay a coach for that
  3. 3. Solution: Wireless sensors collect and transmit real-time motion data +  Sensor  Accelerometer + Gyroscope + Orientation + Bluetooth + Battery  Mobile phone app  Syncs and configures sensors  Easy usability by integration with Sleeves, Shirts or Straps  Value Proposition  Improve performance by training the correct motion  Prevent injuries with higher training intensities  Production Cost  ~ $30/ sensor
  4. 4. Motion enlarges the market for advanced consumer use cases Confidential Hollywood: VFX Body motion tracking Sports/ Medical diagnostics Lifestyle Tracking Devices GPS/ Heartbeat Devices Motion Consumer Professional  $80 - 400  $10k – 100k+ New functionality at consumer pricing
  5. 5. Device, App + Cloud Platform opens market access and monetisation opportunities Confidential Motion Consumer Fitness Coaches  Engaged hobby athletes  Triathletes  Golfers/ Ski/ Tennis  Gym rats  Martial artists  Top-of the line coaching  Optimise analysis  High-end gyms  Mobile App + Cloud Platform/ Marketplace  Compare against self and others (Pros, Community)  Upload motion and compare with professionals/ other athletes  Receive Online Coach analysis/ Algorithmic analysis
  6. 6. Challenges Confidential  Technology  Hardware platform  Algorithmic complexity of accurate motion tracking  Analytics  User-friendly Analytics  Marketing  Pricing: High (premium) vs. Low (Scale fast), device as profit/ loss leader  Address Consumers or Business first