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Reliability Programs

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We work on projects to improve reliability. There may not be the field data immediately available. Let’s explore what you can do to improve the overall program while delivering on your project. Specifically, what’s with cost and procurement?

Detailed Information: As a reliability professional we often work with a team focused on improving the reliability of single product or system. We work with the resources and capabilities of the organization. For me a reliability project is one product or line, a program is the entire organization and lifecycle. We bring specific tools and knowledge, yet rely on the overall reliability culture of an organization to be successful

The overall reliability program may or may not have the field data, root cause analysis and other element of information that allow us to effectively solve problems for a specific project. In some cases we have to work to improve the overall program while striving to create a reliable product. Let’s explore what you should do when you are building a reliability model for a new project and would like to use previous reliability history.

If the data is not available what do you do? What are your options? Let’s discuss what happens when the procurement team consistently selects the least expensive and least reliable components. What are your options? You can and should change the way entire departments do business, for the good of the project and the organization. Let’s discuss the scope of your role as a reliability engineer.

This Accendo Reliability webinar originally broadcast on 19 May 2015.

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Reliability Programs

  1. 1. Reliability Projects and Programs Fred Schenkelberg
  2. 2. Reliability Programs?
  3. 3. Program AssessmentHow good is your reliability program?
  4. 4. What Reliability?
  5. 5. Reactionary
  6. 6. Proactive
  7. 7. Maturity Assessment Instructions
  8. 8. Find your organization on Maturity Matrix
  9. 9. Building a Model Where do you find the data?
  10. 10. Goals and Models
  11. 11. Reasonable Estimates
  12. 12. Not Parts Count Data Base, Please
  13. 13. Field Data Is the Best Source
  14. 14. How can you get the data you need?
  15. 15. Procurement & Reliability When the goals collide
  16. 16. Cost of Parts Easy to Measure
  17. 17. Nobody Wants to Pay Too Much
  18. 18. Total Cost — Including Cost of Failure
  19. 19. Change Procurements Cost Calculations
  20. 20. What is the reliability cost per unit
  21. 21. Time to Market Focus Reliability when time matters
  22. 22. Launch Date Is Important
  23. 23. Coordinating Across the Organization
  24. 24. Risk of Delays Caused by Reliability
  25. 25. Focus on Minimizing Risk of Delay
  26. 26. What is cost of unreliability v. cost of delay?
  27. 27. Project & Program Interaction
  28. 28. Projects Focus on Creating a Reliable Solution
  29. 29. Programs Support Decision Making
  30. 30. It Really Is the Culture That Matters
  31. 31. What steps will you take to improve your program?
  32. 32. What are your Questions?Thanks for participating.