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Sms presentation fm

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Sms presentation fm

  1. 1. WHAT IS SMS?And why do I need it? FM Web Consulting
  2. 2. SHORT MESSAGING SYSTEM A system that enables cell phones to send and receive text messages (maximum of 160 characters) A direct advertising medium Allows collection of mobile numbers via customer opt-in using keywords sent to a “short code” Customer numbers are added to your messaging database Your business can promote its messages to customers, turning them into repeat customers Messages shared virally lead to increased customers
  3. 3. DEFINITIONS Short code: a special shortened phone number to which an SMS or text message can be sent. – Fewer digits than a 10-digit phone number Keyword: a custom word you choose to identify your mobile campaign – Best keywords are short and impactful to the target customer Example: Text PIZZA to 54982 to Receive 10% off your next delivery from Joe’s Pizza!
  4. 4. SMS CAMPAIGN BENEFITS  Cost  Reach  Redemption  Speed  Control
  5. 5. WHY DO I NEED SMS? Mobile phones are always on Mobile phones are always with us Mobile phones keep us always connected
  7. 7. YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT TOHEAR FROM YOU.  Over 90% of text messages are opened with minutes  Customers with whom you keep in regular contact spend 67% more
  8. 8. IS YOUR SITE MOBILE-OPTIMIZED? Businesses are lagging behind consumers in terms of support and use of mobile. There is significant opportunity for business that understand this Communicate with customers using their medium of choice - mobile!
  9. 9. MARKETING INTEGRATION Tie mobile and SMS campaigns into your overall marketing strategy Customers are on the go and marketing needs to reflect that reality Social media and mobile integration is hot – Consumers are using their mobile devices to share content on social sites – Your content can go viral quickly• Make sure you have a robust social media presence
  10. 10. SMS CAN CREATE INSTANT TRAFFICFOR YOUR BUSINESS Send hundreds of messages in minutes with a single click Segment contacts into unlimited groups Send mobile coupons, schedule appointment reminders, announce contests, market new items Allow customers to come to you - have them text a keyword to a short code to join your marketing list Don’t over-promote, but give them value and a reason to stay on your list
  11. 11. MOBILE IS PERSONAL People are with their mobile devices 24/7 The mobile phone is a personal form of technology Treat messages like a conversation with the customer, while offering them value. Text a video link to customers with a personalized message - powerful!
  12. 12. WHY DO I NEED SMS? We provide all your marketing needs all on one convenient easy to use platform. Call FM Web Consulting Today: 484-393-1248