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Driving Sustainable Business + Change

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Presentation from the 2012 Green Professionals Conference (Portland, OR) about FMYI as an online tool for sustainability and energy efficiency.

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Driving Sustainable Business + Change

  1. 1. 2012 Green Professionals ConferencePortland, OR FOR MY INNOVATION® Graeme Byrd | | @graemefbyrd
  3. 3. Company Trends Stories
  4. 4. Our MissionFMYI empowers teams to make a difference byminimizing environmental impact, maximizingsocietal benefit, and generating sustainableeconomic growth through online collaboration.
  5. 5. FMYI in 2004
  6. 6. FMYI in 2012
  7. 7. 2020 sustainability vision• Zero impact operations: net zero servers, net zero office footprint, net zero commuting, 100% renewable energy, net zero waste• Zero impact features: crowdsource and tools for sustainable solutions to help achieve zero impact• Zero impact community: empower our stakeholders to be change agents to achieve zero impact in their community
  8. 8. Areas of focus for sustainability• Operations: commuting, energy, travel, facilities• Features: commuting tracker, renewable energy credits, minimize printing/toner/ink, sustainability employee engagement platform• Community: community involvement, customer education, stakeholder engagement
  9. 9. Tracking usage
  10. 10. Triple bottom line leader Innovation in Certified Business Excellence in Sustainability Award B Corporation Workplace Flexibility Small BusinessOregon’s Fastest Growing 2010 Finalist for Zipcar’s Corporate Philanthropist Private Companies Wheels of Change Award Small Companies #26 (2 years in the top 15)
  11. 11. Company Trends Stories
  12. 12. Technology
  13. 13. Technology 845 million usersOver 50% sign in each day Usage up 700% Average of 130 friends 150 million users 2 new users each second Over 60% outside U.S. Execs from all Fortune 500 200 million users 140m Tweets per day 1,200 Tweets per second (tps)
  14. 14. Workplace• Workforce: Millennials will make up over 50% by 2014• Sustainable: 96% want an environmentally aware workplace• Flexible: 56% prefer to work flexibly and choose when to work• Mobile: 79% prefer to be mobile rather than static workers• Collaborative: 41% prefer to have access to a team space; 32% prefer breakout spaces rather than meeting rooms
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Company Trends Stories
  17. 17. Tools for action
  18. 18. “Working with FMYI has allowed us to create a tool that connects all of our hotels together using one central platform. On any given day, you can see employees on opposite sides of the worldsharing best practices, collaborating on conceptsor sharing news and information. This has fosterednot only a greater sense of community across our hotels, but it also gives me a tremendous insight into the many wonderful environmental initiatives • 4 years happening around the world." • Employees at 250 hotels share best practices — Brigitta Witt, VP, Environmental Affairs • Around the world
  19. 19. “With FMYI, we are able to share bestpractices with student leaders aroundthe country and expand our programs by offering this sustainable organizational tool to the teams.” - Garett Brennan, Executive Director • 1 year • Interacts w/ 400 students • Doubled outreach efforts
  20. 20. "With FMYI, you can easily see the train ofcommentary to an original post. It is excellent to watch the development of an idea, follow the train of thought...Given the non-central distribution of staff, we find this much more useful than accessing our sever via a cumbersome VPN-client." — Robin Miller, Marketing & Communications • 1.5 years • 50 international team members • Manage global research projects
  21. 21. "FMYI works for us because we have a projectteam across the country; we need an integrated solution that allows us to communicate seamlessly, while working internally on our own projects, and externally to share work and collaborate with our clients. FMYI gives us that platform to do it in any time zone, in any country • 2 years with any client." • Interacts w/ 700 people on 200+ schools in 40+ — Ian Symmonds, President states on FMYI • All ISA employees work from home
  22. 22. Tools for engagementEasy and fun Facebook-like interface with team building featuresincreases user adoption.All the tools for action that you need in one place: resources(messages, links, files, calendar, reference library), projects (tasks,events, surveys, forms), contacts (CRM features), reports, more.Cost effective solution that you can start using in minutes withresponsive support for setup and ongoing customer service.Innovative sustainability features, approach, and commitment.
  23. 23. How do you scale your impact? People. Technology. Vision.EMPOWERING TEAMS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.™ Graeme Byrd | | @graemefbyrd