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Real Estate Internet Lead Conversion Masterclass with Mitch Ribak

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Mitch is a legend when it comes to Internet lead conversion.

In 2015 he did almost a deal per day from his Internet leads (329 total) and his 65 agent brokerage did $127 Million in sales with more than half of that coming from Internet leads.

In this session, he's going to share with us:
-his mindset with Internet leads
-his exact set up and process for working them
-how he manages his ISA team
-how he trains THEM to manage the agents and hold them accountable
-his best drip campaigns
-call schedules

It's going to be jam-packed with very specific and actionable tips and tactics to close more deals so if online leads is a big part of your growth strategy this year and especially if you're looking to make an ISA a part of that, you won't want to miss this session.

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Real Estate Internet Lead Conversion Masterclass with Mitch Ribak

  1. 1. Y O U R S O F T W A R E I S O N L Y H A L F T H E B A T T L E ! INSIDE SALES AGENTS,LLC Advanced Lead Conversion and Phone Call Follow Up
  2. 2. 2015 Yearly Stats  Number of 2015 Leads – 8,633  Number of Agents – 65 Agents with 25 on leads  Number of closings from Leads – 329 (% of all sales)  Number of total closings – 640  Closing Percentage from Leads – 5.5% Long Term Conversion  $127 million in transaction volume
  3. 3. 2014 Sales 2015 Sales 2013 Leads – 52% 2012 Leads – 26% 2011 Leads – 9% 2010 and Prior – 13% 2015 Leads – 54% 2014 Leads – 24% 2013 Leads – 11% 2012 and Prior – 10% 2014 – 2015 Side by Side Comparison
  4. 4. 2014 Leads 2015 Leads 0 – 3 Months – 46% 3 – 6 Months – 33% 6 – 9 Months – 16% 9 – 12 Months – 5% 0 – 3 Months – 48% 3 – 6 Months – 34% 6 – 9 Months – 12% 9 – 12 Months – 6% 2014 – 2015 Comparison By Quarterly Sales
  5. 5. Why do most Brokerages/Teams/Agents Fail?  Expectations  Overwhelming Agents with too many leads  Lack of inspection or Accountability – If you don’t inspect, they don’t respect  Over analyzing – Similar to expectations  Lack of First Phone calls to Leads  Lack of doing anything with leads that do not have phone numbers. (25% of our sales come from leads with no phone)  Lack of initial training and consistent follow up and ongoing training.
  6. 6. Why Fail Continued…  No or minimal phone call follow up after initial contact  Wrong Mindset – This is your opportunity to create a great relationship  Relying on the Agents to actually do their job including drip campaigns, responding to emails, phone calls, etc.  Lack of Agent training on both lead conversion, phone calls and sales when in the field.  No Sales Strategy for Agents – Best tip, show best house 2nd to last  Lack of tracking Agents showings to contract rates with customers to see where the help is really needed.
  7. 7. Step By Step Lead Distribution should be 1-2 leads per day Each Lead Needs:  Thank You Letter – We now combine this with our first list of properties  List of properties based on their search criteria or based on a default price range that is city specific.  Set up in listing updates
  8. 8. Conversion Continued  First Call is made – We have our First Call Agent call at least 6 times which gets us in contact with 80%+ of our leads with phone numbers.  Our FCA service contact rate is running between 65% and 75% depending on the brokerage we are calling for.  Purpose of this call is to verify search and find out buying timeframe. Urgency of lead is most important.  Depending on buying timeframe, please lead in a call back system.
  9. 9. Conversion Continued  Set each Lead into a group with a purpose  Active Lead High End  Active Lead  Active Lead Short Term  Lead With No/Bad Phone Number  Leads we showed property too  Leads that are calendared (on the schedule)  Low End Leads
  10. 10. Drip Campaigns  As the team leader/Broker, take control of the drips. Don’t allow your Agents to set them up. It’s a headache!  They must be relevant.  Keep them no more than 1 paragraph, what I call the 10 second rule.  If you are doing listing updates, which hopefully you are, then all you need are a few drips.  The best drip ever – Just checking in, making sure you are getting my listing updates. If you have any questions or would like to see any properties, don’t hesitate to ask.
  11. 11. Call Back Schedule  Reminder – lead conversion is a mindset - Relationship  Always call 1 week after initial contact  If buying in 12 months or more, call every 2 months  If buying in 6 months, call every 6 weeks  If buying in 3 months, call once per month  If calling in 1 month, call weekly
  12. 12. Why I have an ISA Department  Ensures that our calendared and shown property leads are followed up by Agents  ISA’s help to manage all aspect of leads  Transfers Leads from Agents who aren’t on top of their leads to our other Agents  Terminate Agents from our lead system
  13. 13. ISA Responsibilities  Transfer high end leads out of low end Agents into our better Agents  Ensure searches are updated and property inquiries are responded to by Agents  Don’t get caught in having your ISA’s doing admin work, they must be calling! This is the downfall of an ISA.
  14. 14. Some Stats from our FCA Program – One of Customers We have called 829 Leads Contacted 590 – 71% It’s taken 2967 calls to reach 590 leads 358 Positive Outcomes – 190 Active 114 Calendared 44 Live Transfers 10 Other Dispositions
  15. 15. Some Stats from our FCA Program – One of Customers 232 Negative Outcomes – 104 Unsubscribes 110 Bad Phone Numbers 18 Other Negative Dispositions
  16. 16. Team Building  Hire Slowly and Fire Quickly!  First impression is everything – When you meet the person for the first time, if you don’t love them they are the wrong person  Positivity – The hardest part of building a team is keeping everyone positive. One bad apple….you know the rest of the story.
  17. 17. Team Building Continued  Add Agents based on lead flow. For every 30 leads per month you can add one Agent  Hiring an assistant/LCA is a given these days if you want to really have great lead conversion. Be sure if this is the same person, that you block their time for calling verse admin duties.  Accountability – As I mentioned earlier, you have to have some form of accountability in place to ensure Agents are doing their best.
  18. 18. Summary  Send every lead a list of properties regardless if you have got hold of them  Set every lead up in a listing update system  Phone calls are mandatory – No calls No business  Keep Drip Campaigns simple and relevant  Track Agents and or your production  It’s not as much about % Lead Conversion, it’s about sales!  If you aren’t going to call, get an LCA
  19. 19. My Offer to You from Inside Sales Agents  Retail pricing for our First Call Services are $10.  We are currently offering FCA services for $5.  If you email me after this webinar, I will waive the $295 set up fee.
  20. 20. Contact Info Mitch Ribak, Broker and CEO Inside Sales Agents, LLC 321-258-4150