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Brands don't use sm effectively

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Brands don't use sm effectively

  1. 1. Brands Dont Use Social Media EffectivelyPublished on January 19, 2011Tags: Branding, Customer Experience, Research Summaries, Social MediaThough growing numbers of companies are using social channels to connect with their customers, only 12% ofbusiness executives say their companies are using social media effectively, according to a study by HarvardBusiness Review Analytic Services.Another 45% of business execs say their companies are "getting there" in effectively using social media, and nearlyan equal number (43%) rate their use of social media as ineffective.Such "effective" users are far more likely to use more social media channels—four or more—and report havingdeveloped and implemented a social media strategy: 63% say theyve done so.Below, other findings from study titled The New Conversation: Taking Social Media from Talk to Action, based on asurvey of 2,100 senior-level business executives.Among surveyed business execs, 58% say their companies are now using social media channels and 21% saytheyre preparing to launch social initiatives.Even so, most companies using social media have yet to fully leverage customer interactions via social channels: 42% say they dont know where their most valuable customers are talking about them. 31% say they dont measure the effectiveness of social media interactions.
  2. 2. 23% are using social media analytic tools. 7% say they integrate social media into their marketing activities.Companies also struggle to gauge the effectiveness of social media. Asked to identify the most pressing challengesin implementing social media marketing, business execs cite the following: Understanding social medias potential to make a difference: 41% Measuring the effectiveness of social marketing activities: 40% Linking social marketing activities to financial outcomes: 31% Improving ability to fully utilize social media: 28% Demonstrating the value of social media to others in the organization: 25%Top Benefits: Brand Awareness and Web TrafficAsked to identify the top three benefits of social media marketing, 50% of business execs cite increased brandawareness—as do 61% of "effective" users. The next most significant benefit cited is increased website traffic (30%),followed by more favorable brand perception (26%).
  3. 3. Roughly one in ten business execs say they are generating increases in new business (11%) , but that level is twiceas high for effective users (22%). Interestingly, other more accountable benefits rank far lower on the list.Looking for real, hard data that can help you match social media tools and tactics to your marketing goals? The Stateof Social Media Marketing, a 240-page original research report from MarketingProfs, gives you the inside scoop onhow 5,140 marketing pros are using social media to create winning campaigns, measure ROI, and reach audiencesin new and exciting ways.How Effective Users Lead in Social MarketingWhile many companies view social media marketing as experimental, "effective" social media users are leveragingsocial technologies more than other business execs, most significantly in monitoring brands (55% vs. 33%),
  4. 4. researching new products via social networks (52% vs. 25%), hosting online user groups for customers (50% vs.30%), and collecting and tracking customer reviews on their sites (47% vs. 30%).Effective users are also more focused on measurement—and are more likely to integrate their social mediamonitoring solution with other marketing solutions such as campaign management and email marketing. Theyre alsomore likely to measure customer sentiment collected via social media.
  5. 5. Other key findings: Among social media platforms, social networks are the most commonly used (87%), followed by blogs (58%), multimedia sharing (58%), microblogs (e.g., Twitter) (53%), and review sites and forums (22%). 69% of business execs say the use of social media in their organization will grow significantly over the next few years, and 32% say social media has been designated a high priority by their organizations senior executives. 46% say social media is an important component of their overall marketing strategy. 50% say until theyre able to measure the impact of social media marketing, it will not be taken seriously in their organizations.About the data: Findings are from an online survey of 2,100 Harvard Business Review Magazine and emailnewsletter subscribers during July 2010, conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in partnershipwith SAS.