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Life@50+ Miami talk for AARP TEK, May 15, 2015

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These slides are for a 20-minute talk I'm giving at the AARP member expo in Miami on May 15, 2015. This is part of the AARP TEK (Technology, Education, Knowledge) program:

Here are some links to useful guides and comparison charts on digital fitness trackers: Fitness Tracker Product Comparison Database

Wellocarcy E-book on Fitness Trackers
Comparison charts

The Wirecutter: Best Fitness Tracker

Best Buy Activity & Health Tracker Buying Guide

The New York Times Well Guide to Activity Trackers (Sept 2014)
Nicely silhouetted band artwork set.

DC Rainmaker - Ray Maker's comprehensive product review site for fitness equipment and trackers

Live Science - Fitness Tracker Buying Guide: Use This Flow Chart to Pick the Right Device
by Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer | December 18, 2014 04:47pm ET
PDF of the handout that I distributed with this chart with some of my footnotes added:


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Life@50+ Miami talk for AARP TEK, May 15, 2015

  1. 1. Digital Activity Trackers Mike Lee Digital Strategy Advisor, Life@50+ Miami AARP TEK, May 2015 V 2
  2. 2. We all know walking is good for you! •  Get fit •  Save on medical bills •  Improve your heart •  Fight cancer •  Lose weight •  Battle disease •  Speed up recovery AARP Bulletin on the benefits of walking Flickr: Walking on Brooklyn Bridge by Lindejesus, 2010 CC 2.0 License
  3. 3. Types of digital activity trackers Omron pedometer, Moves app on iPhone, Jawbone UP move, Fit Charge HR, Polar FT 7
  4. 4. Trend: Smart watches for health Polar M400 GPS watch, LG G Android Wear watch, Apple Watch
  5. 5. Walking with a digital activity tracker Strap onto wrist, walk, open app to sync via bluetooth afterwards, review your data
  6. 6. Some basic models of activity trackers All under $60: Fitbit Zip, Up move, Misfit Flash, Fitbug Orb Photo: Wikipedia
  7. 7. Some of Mike’s recent favorites Nike Fuelband, Fitbit Flex, Jawbone UP24, Misfit Shine, Garmin Vivofit
  8. 8. Choose your tracker by lifestyle Jawbone UP Move, Fitbit Charge HR, Garmin Vivosmart, Misfit Shine Bloom Basic Health Exercise & Sport Fashion  
  9. 9. Web dashboards and beyond Fitbit, Nike+, Garmin, Polar •  Check your trends •  Collect badges •  Follow friends •  Connect to other health services •  Get coaching •  Export data
  10. 10. Activity tracker accessories Bitbelt for Fitbits & Vivofit, WoCase for Fitbit Zip and One, Anker USB Power Bank USB “Power Strip”  Strap for older Fitbits   Rubber band to secure strap  
  11. 11. Tips •  Take your wrist tracker off daily to let your skin breathe •  Wipe off your tracker with plain water •  Most trackers are not good for swimming! •  Stick a piece of watch crystal protection film on the screen •  Order spare button batteries where applicable
  12. 12. I did it! So can you. 76 pounds down!
  13. 13. These slides and my notes can be viewed and downloaded from Slideshare…  
  14. 14. Be digital; be healthy! Mike Lee Twitter @curiouslee   Find Mike online…