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Trust and Reputation in the Peer-to-Peer Economy

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The emergence of the collaborative economy and peer-to-peer marketplaces bring on many new challenges for businesses that neeed to build trust between their users on the Web. This presentation gives an introduction to the main challenges and an overview of tools that help platforms build and federate trust and reputation online .

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Trust and Reputation in the Peer-to-Peer Economy

  1. 1. Trust & Reputation in the P2P Economy Francesca Pick @francesca_sp OuiShare Germany & Global Connector /
  2. 2. Commerci al (B2C) Peer-to- Peer (C2C) This is where trust is a challenge
  3. 3. …share highly valuable assets When private individuals…
  4. 4. Can I trust you?
  5. 5. Building trust online 5-star ratings Verified websites Identity verifi- cations E-Commerce
  6. 6. Building trust online 5-star ratings
  7. 7. Identity verifi- cations Building trust online
  8. 8. Verified websites Building trust online
  9. 9. New trust mechanisms for the p2p economy Specialty insurance Real person identity verifi- cation Social Media P2P Marketplaces
  10. 10. Specialty insurance New trust mechanisms for the p2p economy
  11. 11. Social Media Social Media connect buttons build social context
  12. 12. Real person identity verifi- cation Airbnb verified ID
  13. 13. 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 DR . AM . DREAMSD . . AM . 10M 3M Passenger transported
  14. 14. Who is working on solutions ?
  15. 15. Many no longer exist
  16. 16. Portable Trust Badge
  17. 17. Is Trust universal accross different types of sharing platforms? Can I trust the „trust platform“ that is collecting all my data? How will this data be used? Do these trust aggregation platforms foster control, rather than trust? Challenges
  18. 18. Trust in p2p market places Online Identity Data Security Privacy the Web
  19. 19. The new reputation economy
  20. 20. “Reputation capital could create a massive positive disruption in who has power, trust and influence.” Rachel Botsman, TED Global
  21. 21. Francesca Pick @francesca_sp @ouishare Thank you!