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New Zealand Franchising Confidence Index | January 2020

Results from the latest Franchize Consultants Franchising Confidence Index.

Franchize Consultants are franchising and licensing consulting specialists, focusing on:

1. Helping companies franchise a business
2. Helping established chains improve performance
3. Building franchise and chain management capability

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New Zealand Franchising Confidence Index | January 2020

  1. 1. January 2020 Quarter Results FRANCHISORS BRACE FOR 2020 AND BEYOND
  2. 2. • Franchize Consultants is the first point of contact for companies considering franchising their business • Franchize Consultants helps established franchised (and other network format) chains review and improve performance for both franchisors and franchisees • Franchize Consultants conducts specialist research for franchising insight and practical application • Franchize Consultants builds franchisor executive and franchisee capability and performance through focused training and education programmes About Franchize Consultants
  3. 3. Key Survey Highlights • Franchisor outlook for general business conditions showed slight improvement from the October 2019 whilst Service Providers sentiment stayed the same • Franchisor and Service Provider sentiment towards growth prospects improved to be more in line with January 2019 • Responding Franchisors and Service Providers sentiment has continued to improve for Sales levels per franchisee with this quarter showing the same trend • Franchisors and Service Providers continue to indicate finding suitable staff as their most critical challenge • Operating costs remain a key focus for Franchisors however sentiment is stabilising
  4. 4. Key Survey Highlights • Franchisor positivity centred on stable and/or greater demand, some improved profits and benefits from government spending. On the challenging side, franchisors noted finding suitable franchisees and staff, increasing operating pricing pressure, legislative changes and, general economic uncertainty. • Franchisors identified top three challenges to franchise system development in 2020 as 1) finding franchisees, 2) increasing regulation and compliance, and 3) access to finance. • Franchisors identified improvement opportunities for the year ahead covering areas such as, low interest rates, site availability, technology, government policy changes, and growth through new offerings
  5. 5. Background • Quarterly survey of more than 400 New Zealand franchisors and 100 specialist Service Providers (e.g. consultants, banks, accountants, lawyers and publishers) to the franchising community. • Explores confidence in key measures critical to the success of franchising, including the wider environment, growth determinants, and franchising health attributes and franchise system growth prospects. • This survey represents the views of 23 franchisors and 14 Service Providers.
  6. 6. The Focus GENERAL QUESTION AREAS 1. General business conditions 2. Franchisor growth prospects 3. Franchising growth drivers • Access to capital • Access to suitable franchisees • Access to suitable locations • Access to suitable staff 4. Franchisee growth & profitability prospects • Franchisee sales levels • Franchisee operating costs • Franchisee profitability 5. How are things looking for franchisors and Franchisees in their respective sectors? 6. What do you see as the greatest challenge to franchise development in 2020? 7. What will provide the greatest opportunity to franchising development in 2020? Respondents indicate whether they expect the following aspects to be better, the same or worse over the next 12 months (compared to the previous 12 months)
  7. 7. The Results Franchisor outlook for general business conditions (net negative 30%) showed slight improvement from the October 2019 of net negative 32%, whilst Service Providers sentiment stayed the same at net 21%.
  8. 8. The Results Franchisor sentiment for franchisor growth prospects, showed improvement at net 17%, up from net 4%, bringing it into line with January 2019 sentiment. Service Providers’ net 21% also improved from net 7% in October.
  9. 9. The Results Franchisor sentiment toward access to financing worringly, also remained negative, at a net negative 30%. Service Providers confidence was less positive dropping from 7% to a net negative 7%.
  10. 10. The Results Franchisors sentiment toward access to suitable franchisees has been seen as the greatest challenge for some time. This remains at net negative 30% (previously net negative 60%). Service Providers at net negative 7% (down from net 7%) were more positive, on a relative basis.
  11. 11. The Results Franchisors continue to indicate their outlook for access to suitable staff remains a critical challenge at net negative 36%. Service Provider confidence met with that of franchisors at a net negative 36% (down from net negative 7%).
  12. 12. The Results Franchisors, at net 9%, up from net 4%, were slightly more positive this quarter in their outlook for access to suitable locations. Service Providers were more positive at net 29% up from net 14% in October.
  13. 13. The Results Franchisors sentiment toward future sales levels per franchisee has been steadily increasing with current view at a positive net 39% (from net 24%). Service Providers sentiment also increased to net 29% up from 14%.
  14. 14. The Results Franchisee operating costs continue to be a concerning area – with franchisors recording a net negative 43%. Service providers were similarly dismal, recording a net negative 57%.
  15. 15. The Results On a more positive note, Franchisor outlook toward franchisee profitability levels recorded a net 0%, up from net negative 12%. Service Providers were improved from a net negative 43% in October 2019 to a net negative 21%.
  16. 16. The Results GREATEST CHALLENGE TO FRANCHISE DEVELOPMENT Key 2020 Challenges  Finding franchisees/suitable franchisees  Increasing regulation and compliance  Access to finance
  17. 17. More Information Including: • More detailed and complete results and analysis • All charts and illustrations
  18. 18. Franchize Consultants • The Franchising Confidence Index, is founded, designed and operated by Franchize Consultants, New Zealand specialists in franchising and licensing network development. Founded in 1989, Franchize Consultants have a long and supporting association with New Zealand franchising. • For further information contact Dr Callum Floyd • Ph. (09) 523 3858 • Mob. 021 669 519 • Email. • Web. • Web.