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Ded digital ready social media sept 12 all ff and ct

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Working in an Online World - Business and Social Media

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Ded digital ready social media sept 12 all ff and ct

  1. 1. Working in an Online World – Business and Social MediaOriginal image: swiss-memory Jamin GrayReleased under an Attribution-ShareAlike License 1
  2. 2. Purpose of this session? Social media…1. What is it and what’s all the fuss about?2. How can I use it and does it fit with my business?3. What are the key services or tools?4. What organisational issues are there?5. How do I grow my ‘likes’, ‘tweeps’ and ‘followers’?6. How do I measure it?7. How do I monitor it? 2
  3. 3. Process?Interaction and questions are welcome.1. Presentation2. Look at some examples3. Group discussions4. Share stories5. Question and Answers6. Practical activitiesIf anyone wishes to blog or tweet this session please usethe hashtag #tasdrp 3
  4. 4. Payoff?• Debunk the hype• Some ideas to get you started• Links to ‘how to do this’Image: successful business woman on a laptop 4
  5. 5. Cedits• KingThing – Beck King• ATDW E-Kit• Chris Toselli, GlobalNetICT• Frankie Forsyth Consulting• Polly McGeeImage: successful business woman on a laptop 5
  6. 6. Terms and definitionsWikipedia – see –Common Craft explanationssee of terms – see 6
  7. 7. Here we go!Image: Google Doodle
  8. 8. Social media…What is it and what’s all the fuss about? 8
  9. 9. Online spaces for social interaction
  10. 10. What is social media really?• A link to the community• A channel for two way + conversations• A source of commentators for your products/services• A channel to build the identity of your brand
  11. 11. What it’s not…o A sales only channelo A waste of timeo Self managingo Anonymouso Magic
  12. 12. Why would you bother?
  13. 13. Benefits?1. Used social media to disseminate information2. Asked the audience how THEY want the company to use the product3. Didn’t hit the customer over the head with a sales pitch4. Not once did he ask the customers to buy the product…. Look at how many views…. Look how may videosthey’ve put out!Cost of YouTube: free!
  14. 14. Australian user accounts August 20121. Facebook – 11,5000,000 (up slightly)2. YouTube – 11,000,000 (steady)3. BlogSpot – 4,000,000 (down slightly)4. LinkedIn – 2,200,000 (steady)5. Twitter – 2,114,000 (steady)6. - 1,600,000 (steady)7. Instagram – 1,283,5008. Trip Advisor – 960,000 (down)9. Flickr – 820,000 (steady)10. Pinterest - 620,000 (steady)11. Google Plus – 600,00 (up)12. MySpace – 390,000 (steady)13. Foursquare – 63,000 (steady)14. Delicious – 30,000 (down)
  15. 15. Average Time per Visit August 2012Average Time per Visit1. Facebook - 21 minutes 40 seconds2. YouTube – 20 minutes3. Reddit – 18 minutes 20 seconds4. Tumblr – 16 minutes 30 seconds5. Pinterest - 13 minutes6. MySpace – 12 minutes 40 seconds7. Twitter – 10 minutes 50 seconds8. LinkedIn - 8 minutes 50 seconds9. TripAdvisor - 8 minutes 50 seconds10. StumbleUpon - 8 minutes 40 seconds11. Flickr – 8 minutes12. Delicious – 7 minutes 20 seconds13. Blogspot - 6 minutes 40 seconds14. – 5 minutes 30 seconds15. Digg – 5 minutes 30 seconds16. Foursquare - 4 minutes17. Yelp – 3 minutes 40 seconds18. Instagram – 3 minutes19. Google Plus – no data.
  16. 16. Social Media 17
  17. 17. Social Media 18
  18. 18. 19
  19. 19. Social media… 10 minute discussionHow can I use it?Does it fit with my business? 20
  20. 20. Where are you on the Social Media continuum?ABCDE Tutorial 28 Tourism E-Kit
  21. 21. Social media…What are the key services or tools? 22
  22. 22. Key ComponentsSocial Media tools provide a way to:1. create and update your profile2. share your content / message3. have others share with you4. comment on others’ content and vice versa5. own your brand (provides authenticity)6. communicate publicly or privately7. advertise and/or sell your products 23
  23. 23. Facebook - personal
  24. 24. Facebook - business To use Facebook as your ‘page’ persona make sure you have selected this BEFORE posting.
  25. 25. Facebook - business Use the admin panel (New Likes) to find who/ which pages have ‘liked’ you. Thank them and like them back!
  26. 26. Facebook timeline
  27. 27. Facebook checklist:• Have you added a cover to your timeline?• Have you welcomed and acknowledged your new likers?• Are you posting up images that build your brand?• Have you responded to comments?• Have you linked your FB page with other social media channels?• Have you asked your clients to ‘like’ you?• Have you rewarded them for doing so?• Are you liking and engaging with others in your sector?
  28. 28. Twitter – mini blogging • Max 140 characters • Pick who to follow and who can follow you.
  29. 29. Twitter
  30. 30. Twitter
  31. 31. Twitter Information about issue (phew! It’s not just me!) ??? What’s happening with the internet?
  32. 32.
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Twitter checklist:• Have you created an @name that showcases your brand?• Have you strategically followed hubs and thought leaders in your sector?• Have you retweeted their tweets?• Have you responded to the tweet of someone who doesn’t follow you?• Have you acknowledged new followers?• Have you participated in #ff?• Have you created or used a hashtag• Have you linked your account with other social media channels?• Have you put a rolling twitter feed on your website?
  35. 35. Linked In… 10 minute discussionHow am I using it?Is it bringing me business?Share YOUR favourite groups 38
  36. 36. Linked In… 10 minute discussionHow am I using it?Is it bringing me business?Share YOUR favourite groups 39
  37. 37. LinkedIn checklist:• Have you fully completed your profile?• Have you searched for people you know and connected with them?• Have you searched for people you would like to have a connection with and reached out to them?• Have you created or joined a LinkedIn group?• Have you written a recommendation for someone?• Have you linked your account with other social media channels?• Have you linked your website to your profile?
  38. 38. Pinterest
  39. 39. Pinterest
  40. 40. Pinterest content/uploads/2011/08/the_roi_of_social_ media_mdg_advertising_infographic.png
  41. 41. Pinterest content/uploads/2011/08/the_roi_of_social_ media_mdg_advertising_infographic.png
  42. 42. Pinterest content/uploads/2011/08/the_roi_of_social_ media_mdg_advertising_infographic.png
  43. 43. Pinterest checklist:• Have you created a Pinterest account?• Have you created pinboards relevant to your business?• Have you followed others?• Have you shared others images and pinned your own?• Have you used lots of your own images from your website as pins so they link back to your site?• Have you asked others to follow you?
  44. 44. YouTube YouTube Statistics More than 3 billion views per day 48 hours of video uploaded every minute More video uploaded to YouTube in one month than the three major US networks created in 60 years v=D7o7BrlbaDs&feature=related
  45. 45.
  46. 46. You Tube checklist:• Have you created a YouTube channel?• Have you written a list of topics which are of interest and relevant to your sector?• Have you created a space to record a video?• Have you shared your video with others?• Have you asked your clients to make endorsements or video content about your product or service and share them?• Have you embedded the video in your website?
  47. 47. Social media…Whatorganisational issues are there? 50
  48. 48. What are they?Discussion time
  49. 49. FlickrCC erms=alcohol&page=9&edit=yes&com=yes
  50. 50. Flickr photos
  51. 51. Policy – Processes - Risk1. Who2. What3. Why4. When5. HowEg:• Can’t use a mobile because of business policy?• Can’t use Facebook because it’s blocked.• Posting comments that contravene company position / reputation / personal information• Who’s responsible for your side? Where does the buck stop?
  52. 52. Policies – Processes – Risk? 10 minute discussionWhat are the issues?Can I manage them?Is it worth the risk? 55
  53. 53. Examples
  54. 54. Answers / suggestions?1. Who – is going to look after it and how often? Outsourced?2. What – are they going to look after / post / respond to?3. Why – is it important to the business?4. When – how often will the business engage?5. How – will the business respond? Work hours / after hours / mobile etc.Eg:• Can’t use a mobile because of business policy?• Can’t use Facebook because it’s blocked.• Posting comments that contravene company position / reputation / personal information• Who’s responsible for your side? Where does the buck stop?
  55. 55. Social media…How do I monitor it? 58
  56. 56. Searching and ExploringOriginal image: Google Jürgen Plasser
  57. 57. Google Alerts – Track who is talking about you, and where…
  58. 58. Hootsuite and other aggregators
  59. 59. Social media…How do I measure it? 62
  60. 60. Social media…Measuring tools• Facebook insights• Twitter followers and reposts• Increase in sales directly attributable?• How does your business track its marketing investment• Track backs – Google Analytics 63
  61. 61. Ad on fb ( ertise/analytics/) 64
  62. 62. Social media…How do I grow my ‘likes’, ‘tweeps’ and ‘followers’? 65
  63. 63. Move up the Social Media continuumABCDE Tutorial 28 Tourism E-Kit
  64. 64. First StepsSome choices…1. Document sharing Dropbox2. Wikis - Wikispaces & Wikipedia suite3. Mini blogging Twitter4. Favourites & Bookmarks - Delicious Diigo5. Presentations - Slideshare6. Photos – Flickr & Pinterest7. Videos – YouTube8. Google’s tools - • Google Alerts • Google Places • Google Reader for RSS9. Social (and now business!) Facebook10. One to watch – Google PlusImage: Aily on ice
  65. 65. A Quick Summary Pt 1 File sharing (Dropbox) A file sharing program lets you store, share and retrieve yourcontent including files, photos etc. from ‘the cloud’ and from any computer.So you can access, manage and share it from anywhere. Examples includeDropbox and Box.VOIP (Skype) Computer based voice and text communication – to othercomputers and to landlines/mobile phonesWiki (Wikispaces) A wiki is a program that allows users to work together tobuild, organise and edit a webpage. You don’t need to be a multimediaguru to use a wiki. Some of the better known examples are Wikipedia andWikispaces.Micro-blogging (Twitter) Users send and read each others text updates (tweets) which areno more than 140 characters in length. Now can share photos, links and re-tweet updates.
  66. 66. A Quick Summary Pt 2 Social Bookmarking (Delicious & Diigo) Social bookmarking e.g. Delicious, Diigo is a way to store, organiseand share your favourite internet pages. Using this tool, you can access yourfavourite web pages from any computer that has internet access, share withyour friends and search your friends’ favourites.Blog (Blogger) A blog is a webpage that functions as a diary or journal. It can beused to record activity or reflect on experiences and as such is a valuablelearning tool. For example: Blogger, Wordpress (need a server).Slide Show Sharing (Slideshare) Upload your slide shows and share with your colleagues. Good tosearch for what others are presenting on topics of interest. Examples includeSlideshare and Prezi.Online Photo Repository (Flickr) Store and share your photos with your colleagues Good to search forphotos to use in your presentations. Free and pay options are available.Example: Flickr.
  67. 67. A Quick Summary Pt 3 Online Pin Boards (Pinterest) Use this tool to collect images from websites or from yourcomputer and organise and share them on boards.Video Websites (YouTube) Online website where you can view, upload and comment onvideos.Social Networking Sites (Facebook) Hosts and connects individuals through providing individual webpages, communication tools and a wide range of add on applications.
  68. 68. I’m not going online, ever!Original image: Kids # 43 Jean-Marie LBReleased under an Attribution-ShareAlike License
  69. 69. Working online? Sure!Image: Three girls using the computer at the+grand+opening.
  70. 70. Frankie Forsyth – home office Photo © Frankie Forsyth, all rights reserved.
  71. 71. Frankie Forsyth – online Forums and BlogsOwn Websites Linked In Twitter Flickr Bloglines Facebook Wikispaces Skype Plus other people’s web spaces! i-Google
  72. 72. Mobile Office...Photos © Frankie Forsyth, all rights reserved.
  73. 73. Thank you  Contact me: and on skype: frankieforsyth A copy of this presentation is available at image: Rainbow Cafes door knob CarolineReleased under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License
  74. 74. CopyrightPlease feel free to use any of the material in thisPowerPoint with the exception of any photos with an@all rights reserved on them.Most of the graphics and photos were sourced fromFlickr under a CC licence. Thank you to all who makethis possible. If I have inadvertently used someone’scopyrighted photo please contact me and I willremove it.Enjoy! Frankie