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4th of july

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History of the American Independence

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4th of july

  1. 1. 4th of July American Independence
  2. 2. The Roots of Revolution George III issued a proclamation in 1763. If forbade colonists to settle west of the Appalachians. New taxes on imports
  3. 3. The Roots of Revolution  Stamp Act: attached to papers, licenses, wills, mortgages... es
  4. 4. The Roots of Revolution  NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION  Boston Massacre es
  5. 5. Boston Tea Party 1770 all the duties removed except for the tea. 1773, Colonists disguised as Mohawk Amerindians threw 342 cases of tea into the sea. lithograph by Nathaniel
  6. 6. First Continental Congress Set in Philadelphia in 1774 to oppose British oppression. April, 1775 Minutenmen from Lexington (1st organization in militias. Library of
  7. 7. Second Continental Congress May 1775, 1st American National Government. 1st army led by G. Washington July 2nd, 1776: “these UnitedColonies are, and of right oughtto be, free and independentstates”
  8. 8. Declaration of Independence July 4th Most important document in American history Written by T.
  9. 9. Declaration of Independence Officially named “United States of America” John
  10. 10. Declaration of
  11. 11. Declaration of Independence It claimed that all men had a natural right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” Governments can only justly claim the right to rule if they have the agreement of those they govern. Full text on ent/
  12. 12. War Sept 1776, British captured NY. Oct 1777, Battle of Saratoga. (American victory) Marquis de Lafayette Gilbert du
  13. 13. War Feb 1778, alliance with France. Oct 1781, Lord North cried “It is all over”. 1783 Treaty of Paris: Britain officially recognized her former colonies as an independent
  14. 14. Nowadays Federal Holiday Fireworks Barbecues Baseball games Apple