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Frédéric harper i don’t like open source, and you shouldn't like it either - make web not war montreal - 2016-02-05

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Did you ever try to participate in a not so small Open Source project? The experience is awful. Did you ever want to share your code on a public repository because you thought it was the thing to do? Of course, after that day, I felt like the worst developer in the world. I don’t even understand why I should put the code I created to “help” others, to share: I mean, I didn’t sleep for hours and lost a ton of hairs over that crazy problem… You got it, I don’t like Open Source, and you shouldn’t like it either!

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Frédéric harper i don’t like open source, and you shouldn't like it either - make web not war montreal - 2016-02-05

  1. 1. I don’t like Open Source, and you shouldn't like it either! Frédéric Harper @fharper Chief Awesome Officer @ No lion is born king Make Web Not War Montreal – 2016-02-05 CreativeCommons:
  2. 2. I don’t like open source CreativeCommons:
  3. 3. how many participate? CreativeCommons:
  4. 4. what is open source
  5. 5. do you know? Creative Commons:
  6. 6. access to the source Creative Commons:
  7. 7. that’s it Creative Commons:
  8. 8. why you should not
  9. 9. free software CreativeCommons:
  10. 10. loosing money CreativeCommons:
  11. 11. I’ll judge you Creative Commons:
  12. 12. you’ll make new contacts CreativeCommons:
  13. 13. community Creative Commons:
  14. 14. improving your skills Creative Commons:
  15. 15. add noise to your resume Creative Commons:
  16. 16. recognition? CreativeCommons:
  17. 17. helping others Creative Commons:
  18. 18. creative commons CreativeCommons:
  19. 19. open data CreativeCommons:
  20. 20. open science CreativeCommons:
  21. 21. open education Creative Commons:
  22. 22. taking your time CreativeCommons:
  23. 23. it’s not secure CreativeCommons:
  24. 24. no support CreativeCommons:
  25. 25. it’s complicatedCreativeCommons:
  26. 26. even Microsoft is doing it! Creative Commons:
  27. 27. how to avoid
  28. 28. don’t use open libraries CreativeCommons:
  29. 29. don’t report bugs Creative Commons:
  30. 30. don’t fix documentation Creative Commons:
  31. 31. don’t publish on GitHub Creative Commons:
  32. 32. don’t answer questions CreativeCommons:
  33. 33. don’t participate Creative Commons:
  34. 34. good first bug Creative Commons:
  35. 35. open source initiative
  36. 36. you don’t like open source
  37. 37. are you sure? CreativeCommons:
  38. 38. stay away! Creative Commons:
  39. 39. spread the hate… CreativeCommons:
  40. 40. Frédéric Harper