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My life project freddy


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My life project freddy

  1. 1. by Freddy Jair parra quintero MY LIFE PROJECT
  2. 2. I am going to the university I'm going to study art I go to prepare
  3. 3. I will turn everything concerning music
  4. 4. five things to do I going to find the meaning and the freedom to live with effort
  5. 5. I going to be an example and will leave a legacy I going to lead my children to be good people
  6. 6. • I will try to be all the time with my family • I will be happy with them close MY FAMILY smiling
  7. 7. • I will be that friendly person eager to learn every day • I will show me as I am always receiving tips ALL I AM, WHAT I'LL ALWAYS BE THE WEATHER WILL NOT CHANGE
  8. 8. •Thank you