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INTRODUCTION CHALLENGE STATEMENT Create a Bringing Users into Your Process Through Participatory Design

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Create a “best-kept secret” mobile app/guide for highlights in San Francisco
you won’t find in traditional tour books or on travel websites. This guide
does not show everyone the same content. It’s personalized to you.
In 15 minutes in your group, create a UX storyboard (6 frames, pictures
and words) that shows how on their mobile device a user would browse this
guide and select a place to visit. You will have 1 minute to present your scenario
to the other groups at your table.
Questions that might help kickstart your design process:
•Who is the intended audience?
•Where would they use it?
•When would they use it?
•What content do you think should be included?
•What functionality could be added to make this guide
•more useful and desirable?
•Why would they download and use the app?
•How would it be personalized for each unique user?

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