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FACILITATING PARTICIPATORY DESIGN FACILITATING GROUP Bringing Users into Your Process Through Participatory Design

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Use the following strategies with groups in order to achieve the best
dialogue between participants and engagement with your activities.


Pair Similar Users

Take Charge

Actively Engage

Be Agile

Bring similar participants
together. It will provide common
ground for a discussion and
helps to make others feel

It is important to feel
comfortable to managing
dynamics of the session.
Feeling comfortable with
your surroundings and the
materials being presenting
to build confidence.

Actively engage the more
silent personalities in the
group to ensure that
everyone is being heard and
that you are getting good
data from all users.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up if
something isn’t working. If
the session doesn’t feel quite
right, make changes by
changing group dynamics
and participant structure.

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