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ANALYZING PARTICIPATORY DESIGN NORMALIZE As Bringing Users into Your Process Through Participatory Design

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As you begin piloting your activity, consider in what way you’ll capture your data.
Normalization should happen during the research, not after you’re done with it. We
often create custom Excel spreadsheets to record quotes, observations, or final
artifacts during the activity in a consistent format. You’ll need to look at:

Spoken quotes from the participant.
Many of these quotes will relate to the
activity, but at points through the
activity they will disengage from it and
share valuable information that didn’t
come up earlier in the research.

Your observations about what the
participants are saying, doing, and
making. Watching the session may
inspire your own design ideas, but be
sure to label them as your hypotheses
and not the participant’s ideas.

©2014 frog. all rights reserved. no public distribution or reproduction without permission.

The artifacts that have been created.
You need not only the final end state of
what they made for your analysis, but
also photographs of various points in the
activity that show how their thinking may
have evolved throughout the activity.

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