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Napoleons domestic policies

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Napoleons domestic policies

  1. 1. Napoleon’s Domestic Policies Pages 230-231 Group 7
  2. 2. Peace With The Church Soon after the consulate was created, Napoleon tried to set peace with the Church. In 1801, Napoleon came to an agreement with the pope, and Catholicism would be recognized as the religion of the majority of the people. In return, the pope would not ask for the Church’s land back. (Which was taken during the Revolution.) This agreement made Catholic Church members in favor of Napolean.
  3. 3. Codification of the Laws  However, the Civil Code was Before the revolution, France had a STEP BACK for women almost 300 different and children. legal systems, and once  Before the Napoleon came to revolution, laws made it power, he codified all of easier for divorces and them. allowed children to inherit Napoleaon created the property on an equal Civil Code, a.k.a the basis. The Civil Code took Napoleon Code. these laws away.  This gave equality of all  Also once women were citizens before the married, they were no law, the right of the longer in control of their individual to choose property. their profession, religious  Women were not allowed toleration, and the to testify court. abolition of serfdom and
  4. 4. A New Bureaucracy  Napoleon focused on a strong administration. He did not focus on rank or birth. He focused on the capability of the individual.  Napoleon also made a new aristocracy.  He created about 3,200 nobles. 60 percent of those were military officers.  Also about 60 percent were MIDDLE