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Teel topic sentence

Yr 7 intro to TEEL paragraph writing structure

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Teel topic sentence

  1. 1. Writing TEEL Paragraphs
  2. 2. TEEL- Topic Sentence • T- Topic Sentence (TS) • What is the point of the (whole) paragraph? • This directly should answer the question asked. • Make sure you address all parts of the question • Make sure you don’t just have a fact - a TS needs to broadly introduce what you are going to talk about in the paragraph • Great if you can catch the reader’s attention too • Sometimes it is better to write your evidence and explanation and then go back to write your topic sentence- just leave a few lines.
  3. 3. TEEL- Evidence • You need to site the sources provided to show that you can analyze evidence to back up your argument. • If your example comes from the sources, cite the source in your paragraph – either by name or in brackets (Source A). • Source A… -states that -reveals that -indicates that -suggests that -contrasts with -gives the impression that -points to the fact that -points out that -implies that -supports this -proposes that -elucidates that -provides evidence that -argues that -claims that -contradicts this -confirms that -illustrates that
  4. 4. TEEL- Explanation • You need to explain how the evidence from the sources you have discussed is important to answering the question. • Opportunity to elaborate your argument. • Often a good time to use phrases that show connections between ideas like… Adding words Sequencing words Emphasising words Connecting words Comparing words -additionally -moreover -equally important -furthermore -lastly -finally -accordingly -meanwhile -at the same time -previously -subsequently -simultaneously -essentially -primarily -significantly -importantly -in particular -specifically -notably -consequently -as a result -accordingly -hence -because -stemmed from -whereas -alternatively -conversely -in contrast -despite -however -nonetheless -comparatively -similarly
  5. 5. TEEL- Link • Link Sentence (LS). • You need to finish your paragraph with a sentence which captures the essence of the paragraph and links it back to the question asked. • If you are struggling just put: … X, Y and Z are the reasons that …..(address the question). • Otherwise can be more nuanced, reiterate main ideas discussed and link back to the question. -In summary, -Summing up, - To sum up, In summing up, -In conclusion, -Concluding, -To conclude -In concluding