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Place To Plug. D. Marc Ruiz, CEO.

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I Ciclo de Conferencias “Hacia una economía circular. Oportunidades económicas en el marco de la transición energética” organizado por Funseam y Fundación Repsol.
Sesión: Nuevos patrones de Consumo.27/10/2020
D. Marc Ruiz, CEO de Place to Plug

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Place To Plug. D. Marc Ruiz, CEO.

  1. 1. The ultimate platform for the EV charging industry
  2. 2. problem main concern Reaching your destination with an electric vehicle can be hard due to the lack of interoperability and the reduced range of the car Not being able to charge
  3. 3. solution a platform for the entire industry Locate, use and pay any charging station as an EV driver or manage, monitor and even share them as operator with our ecosystem of apps and services powered by AI Charge anytime anywhere
  4. 4. solution the only end-to-end platform EV drivers app Charging stations control center Interoperability & Devs platform
  5. 5. for EV drivers mobile and web apps Find charging stations near you or near your destination discover chargers Check the status of any charging station before you arrive real time status Share your socket with other users and chat with them to coordinate the arrival sharing economy Pay with your credit card a charge or booking without leaving the car pay with the app Make sure you can charge when you arrive by booking it book a station Initiate a charge or stop it right from your phone remote start/stop
  6. 6. for operators control center An entire team can work in the control center with custom permissions for each member. teams and permissions Advanced stats, AI-powered predictions and a customer care chatbot. AI stats, predictions and chatbot 100+ features Charging session and booking management, custom tariffs, payment management, issues... Proven compatibility with most of the market brands and standards. control any charger
  7. 7. for charging networks first developers platform The first developers platform for the EV charging industry • Embed a charging station map in your website/app • Consume our charging station API information • Real time API for charging stations • Embed charging stations in your website/app • Remotely operate charging stations in your website/app • Embed statistics and reports in your website
  8. 8. for charging networks interoperability platform Connect your charging station to Place to Plug and start interoperating without extra work fully integrated Define your interoperability rules (price, margin, especial offers…) and automate all your interoperability procedures automated contracts EMSP roaming Any EMSP will be able to use your charging stations using automated contracts One integration will make your charging station available anywhere and in any platform. CPO interoperability A brand new modern and automated interoperability platform
  9. 9. The ultimate platform for the EV charging industry join +34 608 421 921