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Sprout Agency Partner Summit 2018: Content in a 3 Second World

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Are you making every moment count with your content? A Nielsen study done with Facebook found that up to 47% of the value in video campaigns happens in the first 3 seconds…with the sound off. That’s shorter than the amount of time it took you to read these sentences! In this 3 second audition window, brands have to come up with compelling content for consumers who expect speed, utility, information, and entertainment. And the content needs to stand out among the billions of photos, videos, and posts shared every day. We know that humans process visual images quicker than text, and information on their mobile phones faster than on desktop. The future of content is video, and brands that don’t adapt will fail. By 2020, over 75% of the world's mobile data traffic will be video. Facebook is already serving up 8 billion daily video views and YouTube is at 5 billion videos watched per day. Is your brand connecting with your customers through storytelling that’s immediate, expressive, and immersive? Join this session to learn how to create thumb-stopping content to build your brand in a world where screens are always at our sides, and change is the new constant.

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Sprout Agency Partner Summit 2018: Content in a 3 Second World

  1. 1. Welcome to
 Sprout Social’s Agency Partner Workshop #SproutPartnerSummit
  2. 2. Content Strategy in a 3 Second World 
 Helen Todd @helenstravels #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels
  3. 3. #SproutPartnerSummit Work with partners like @helenstravels
  4. 4. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels
  5. 5. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels What to post?
  6. 6. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels 47% of the value in video campaigns happens in the first 3 seconds… with the sound off.
  7. 7. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels
  8. 8. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels
  9. 9. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels What format?
  10. 10. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels
  11. 11. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels
  12. 12. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels
  13. 13. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels
  14. 14. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels How do you bring your story alive online to support your business goals?
  15. 15. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels What is the goal?
  16. 16. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels What is the scope?
  17. 17. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels Who is your audience?
  18. 18. What is the best way to tell your story? #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels
  19. 19. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels How can we tell the story in different ways?
  20. 20. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels
  21. 21. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels
  22. 22. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels
  23. 23. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels Facebook VideoYoutube Facebook Live Press - TV
  24. 24. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels Website & Recipe PDFs Newsletters Ambassadors Influencer Recipes
  25. 25. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels Co-Branded CampaignsUGC Pinterest Rich PinInstagram Post Facebook Ads
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  27. 27. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels
  28. 28. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels
  29. 29. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels Brands are platforms.
  30. 30. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels Stories that inspire, engage, inform, and entertain…
  31. 31. #SproutPartnerSummit@helenstravels Get in touch! 
 Helen Todd @helenstravels