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Investing in Malaysia

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The Malaysian government thinks Malaysia is a nation with 'endless possibilities'. They are many strong reasons for agreeing with their assessment. Find out more here

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Investing in Malaysia

  1. 1. Investing inMalaysia: 10 Insights into endless possibilities
  2. 2. Asia 5 Bringing you a flavour of business trends in just 5 minutes A Futures Coaching initiative
  3. 3. boldnessDouble page adverts in The Economist boast about Malaysias Endless Possibilities ..... & an impactful website ( shouts the reasons
  4. 4. why bother?
  5. 5. melting potA true pluralistic society, only half the population are Malay; 22% are naturalised Chinese 20% of the countrys population speak English - but this is the business language of choice
  6. 6. Malaysia has rapidly transformed from a primary resource based economy to one based on high value exportsIt is the worlds biggest producer of computer disk drives shipped disk
  7. 7. didnt know thatMalaysia has been developing its own path to success built upon stability, a solid legal and banking system and pro-business government actions
  8. 8. lifes a beach 10th most friendly nation (Forbes)3rd best retirement haven (International Living Magazine) Population growing at 1.7% GDP forecast 2013-2015 >5% 10th best tertiary education system (INSEAD)
  9. 9. paying off The strategy appears to be working!
  10. 10. branded A growing and affluent middle class ...who appreciate brands (both the quality of foreign brands & the increasing appeal of local brands in sectors such as hygiene and health)Corruption & bureaucracy the worlds largest 10 shopping ...and love shopping (3 of slows the country malls are found in Kuala Lumpur)Manilas attempts to widen its roads and build its infrastructure proceeds at a snails pace
  11. 11. british connectionThe UK is Malaysias largest market in Europe; and English football, one of their great passions Bi-lateral links see Tesco, Dyson, GSK & HSBC with bases there, whilst the Lotus car brand is now owned by Malaysian Proton
  12. 12. etiquette Oh! Oh!You heard that giving a small gift to your Malaysian host is commonplaceBut didnt you know that white wrapping paper denotes mourning!?
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