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"Git Happens or How to fix common git mistakes", Liuba Gonta

  1. 1 Marcel de Vries Moving Socrates De reis naar een Cloud-Native IT-bedrijf
  2. 2
  3. 3  Historical Change Tracking  Work as a Team  Improve Team Speed & Productivity  Availability and Redundancy
  4. PROBLEM: You modified locally a file you don’t want to 4 SOLUTION: git checkout -- {filename.type} git checkout -- .
  5. PROBLEM: You did a spelling mistake in commit message / you forgot to add additional changes 5 SOLUTION: git commit --amend
  6. PROBLEM: You need to modify other then last commit 6 SOLUTION: git rebase
  7. PROBLEM: You need to undo local commits 7 SOLUTION: git reset --soft git reset --mixed git reset --hard
  8. PROBLEM: You used git reset --hard 8 SOLUTION: git reflog + git cherry-pick [commit]
  9. PROBLEM: “Pull completed with conflicts in the repository. Resolve the conflicts and commit the results. ” 9 PROBLEM: git reset git merge git rebase
  10. Liuba Gonta Xebia | Xpirit Netherlands THANK YOU!