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Cultivate London GFN Brief

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Cultivate London GFN Brief

  1. 1. Cultivate London Brief.Cultivate London is an innovative urban farm based across multiple sites (formerlydisused plots of land) in West London. Cultivate London has three main objectives:1. To generate training opportunities and jobs for unemployed young people aged 16-25 in practical horticulture.2. To convert derelict and vacant land across London into productive food growing space.3. To increase the amount of local and organically grown produce consumed by Londoners. charity Pathways Housing Trust set up Cultivate London with the aim ofaddressing youth unemployment in Hounslow and Ealing.Cultivate London is a horticultural social enterprise, whereby all income generated bythe sale of the organically grown herbs, vegetables and flowers that we grow is directedback towards running the enterprise. This then allows us to continue to provide workand training experiences for the young people with whom we work.One way that we provide training and experience is through offering horticulturalapprenticeships. Our apprentices work with us 30 hours a week, while attending CapelManor College on a part-time basis to complete a Level 2 Diploma in PracticalHorticulture.We currently have two full-time apprentices, but would very much like to be able tooffer more such placements, as we feel that apprenticeships are one of the most effectiveways for young people to gain the skills and confidence required to enter the world ofwork.In addition to these apprentices, we have 6 other young volunteers working with andthree of them will attend Capel Manor College in January to complete a Level 1Certificate in Practical Horticulture. Youth who work with Cultivate London oftenbenefit in a variety of ways, including: Increased employability through the acquisition of new skills and competencies (e.g. horticulture skills and qualifications, business skills, people skills, health and safety qualifications etc.) Increased confidence and self esteem Exposure to a variety of new experiences New friendshipsJustin Pearson, an apprentice who has been with the project since April of 2011, says:“The growing process is explained in clear and simple terms, with lots of demonstration.Learning is all very hands on, which is really helpful. The project is also really easy going,calm and peaceful, and the environment is a very supportive one. My confidence has reallyincreased since coming here. I also just love being outdoors, away from an office setting.”
  2. 2. THE CHALLENGEThe ambition for Cultivate London is to take on and develop more young apprenticesand horticulturists. And therefore make a real difference to young people’s lives.The core challenge for Cultivate London therefore is to increase their funding as well asthe sales of plant & crops they produce to be able to support the expansion of thisapprentice program.So, the core focus of the Good for Nothing challenge:1. Create a communications strategy and suite of communications to reach out, excite andengage their key audiences (young people seeking work and experience, funders and localbusinesses buying their crops)Specifically Help Cultivate London tell their brilliant story more powerfully eg. Integrating young apprentices’ stories on the web Create a communication strategy by key audience Refresh and develop core messaging by audience on and offline Refresh the organisation’s look & feel Develop a social media strategy, tactics and guide and principles for using Facebook/Twitter etc. effectively2. Create impactful fundraising pitch and funding ideas to grow funds Cultivate London need help to raise funds so they can offer more placements and accreditations to young people in West London. Create a short powerful presentation and tools to support this Explore and identify other sources of funding ideas, concepts, and contacts3. Prototype a basic sales management system to expand the business For local businesses looking to buy their salads, plants and flowers, Cultivate London would like a smarter but simple sales management system online to make their sales process more efficient.Note: they have all their stock in a database and are looking for a simple bulk orderingsystem.WHAT WE HAVE TO WORK WITHLogo (up for being developed)Access to website2 videos of their work including interviews with their young apprentices and volunteersDatabase of all the products they sellYoung apprentices and volunteers present on the weekend to gather more stories/filmPrevious funding pitches