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It is not supposed to fly but it does

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Node.js is one of those technologies that should not exist. Definitely, theoretically, is not supposed to have this kind of success. But like the bumblebee he don't know he can't and so it goes :-)

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It is not supposed to fly but it does

  1. 1. gabriele lana twitter: @gabrielelana
  2. 2. Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it, so it goes on
  3. 3. ??? ?
  4. 4. •javascript as the primary language? •server side programming in javascript? •server side programming in a vm (v8) designed for a browser? •mono-thread? what about multicores? •wtf are all those callbacks? worse than lisp’s parentheses
  5. 5. this is madness !!!
  6. 6. ...but the bumble bee doesn't know it, so it goes on
  7. 7. “On the server side, our entire mobile software stack is completely built in Node”
  8. 8. “There’s definitely that concern, We did an analysis of a number of platforms -- Ruby, Node, Java, Scala” But with a technology so relatively new, is LinkedIn concerned about bring a somewhat untested technology to an already at-scale app?
  9. 9. “We’ll continue to use it and see how it does. That’s how we’ll make our technology choices”
  10. 10. They went from running 15 servers with 15 instances (virtual servers) on each physical machine, to just four instances that can handle double the traffic
  11. 11. I promise I’ll be good :-) uhmmm.... we’ll see
  12. 12. at least you are not a stranger
  13. 13. Damien Katz @ Ruby Fringe 2008
  14. 14. I l ve node.js because it made me feel a genius
  15. 15. community
  16. 16. NPM (2010-11) (node package manager) coder@apollo:~/Work/src/node/examples$ curl | sh ... npm ok It worked coder@apollo:~/Work/src/node/examples$ npm list | wc -l 1776
  17. 17. NPM (2011-09) (node package manager) from 1776 to 3958 packages in 10 months
  18. 18. packages last update in days 53% updated in last 60 days NPM:
  19. 19. 32% 1 update number of total updatesNPM: 91% < 10 updates 7% 0 updates
  20. 20. Why?
  21. 21. simplicity works!
  22. 22. But...
  23. 23. sometimes you wish to know where to go...
  24. 24. other times you need to go back...
  25. 25. you may feel
  26. 26. you need to get dirty
  27. 27. the code is with you
  28. 28. ...but the bumble bee doesn't know it, so it goes on