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Credirati ArFintech PPT

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Presentacion de Credirati para los bancos participantes de ArFintech

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Credirati ArFintech PPT

  1. 1. Online mortgage platform 24-Oct-17 / Buenos Aires Gabriel Gruber Co-Founder&CEO
  2. 2. Properati
  3. 3. Achievements in Latam 2013 the company is incorporated in USA 3.2 million visitors per month 4 offices in Latam: Argentina (HQ), Brazil, Chile and Mexico 2.1 million listings 30 employees 100 thousand leads generated per month 4.7 million dollars in funding so far 10 thousand realtors & developers in our marketplace PROPERATI WEB USERS PER COUNTRY 46% of the users find our properties via Google (SEO). 55% of our users are using a mobile device. Since Jan-15 our traffic grew from 500k users per month that generated 25k leads to +1.6 million users per month that generated 100k leads during Jul-17.
  4. 4. Credirati
  5. 5. Mortgage is about: 1) Understanding people (“scoring”) EMAIL, CELL AND WHATSAPP verified Properati Insights example: Potential buyer (lead) analytics UNDERSTAND the lead profile HOW MANY CONTACTS through with property WHEN the user made the leads WHAT type of property GRAPHICS to better understand the data TYPE OF PROPERTY where the user made contacts NEIGHBORHOODS where the user made contacts TIME SOFTWARE witch OS the user is using IDENTITY PROFILE of your lead SOCIAL PROFILE public info of the lead CHARTS to understand better the search period of the user HEAT MAP off all the user searches
  6. 6. Mortgage is about: 2) Understanding property value
  7. 7. Credirati building blocks LEAD GENERATION CHANNEL MORTGAGE CALCULATOR CRM CREDIT SCORING ONLINE APPLICATION ONLINE BANK INTEGRATION OTHER FINANCIAL PRODUCTS via Properati via construction companies: Q4’17 via real estate brokers (CRM/App): Q1’18 Direct traffic (Web/App): Q4’17 TYPE OF MORTGAGE Buy a House Home Equity: Q3’18 Refinance: Q4’18 Q4’17 Q1’18 Q1’18 Q2’18
  8. 8. Credirati: current workflow in Mexico Stage 1: Contacts the client and guides him through the whole process Creates a digital file with the clients data Pre-qualifies the credit Sends the file to the bank for approval Receive the digital file Approve the credit Stage 2: Coordinate the bank valuation of the property Coordinate with the notary’s office BUYER BUYER Define the property price and the amount of the credit that he needs. Complete a form with his contact information and some additional questions. Sign the mortgage and receive the $ Credirati receives from the bank around 1.5% commision fee Credirati is supplied on a daily basis by the leads that Properati generates from the users that need a mortgage to buy a house. Our service provides a great user experience at no additional cost. Credirati is our new online mortgage broker in LatAm, now in beta version in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Through the use of technology we simplify the process and help the buyer to choose the best mortgage option.
  9. 9. Credirati: a complete mortgage platform REALTORS BROKERS DEVELOPER S BANK 1 USERS BANK 2 BANK 3 PROPERATI Mortgage ready for funding Commission Fee
  10. 10. THANKS! Gabriel Gruber - CEO Cell: +54 (9) 11 5177 9178 Skype: gabrielgruber