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More than a Hundred Developments, Inventions, and Israeli Successes

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This presentation brings together more than a hundred developments, inventions and successes of Israelis companies. The presentation was made in honor of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in which Israeli educators schools for entrepreneurship, take part, with the encouragement of the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program, led by Galit Zamler.
During the GEW guest entrepreneurs come to schools and share their entrepreneurial process, accumulated experience, and insights.
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More than a Hundred Developments, Inventions, and Israeli Successes

  1. 1. Start-Up Nation: More than 100 developments, inventions, and Israeli successes By Galit Zamler, the developer of Entrepreneurship for Kids Program
  2. 2. This presentation was prepared on the occasion of the Global Entrepreneurship Week. Over 100 developments, inventions and Israeli successes were gathered here. The Entrepreneurship for Kids Program has encouraged Israeli schools to take part in this week and expose their students to entrepreneurs from various disciplines. Entrepreneurship education, science, and technology are based on encouraging curiosity, questioning, investigation, development and realization of ideas, the desire to change, to influence and make your mark in the world. The idea of making this presentation came by virtue of the framework of Entrepreneurship for Kids Program, which exposes students to a wide range of stories and examples of entrepreneurs, complex starts which have become a success, dealing with challenges and more, which are a model of inspiration for students in the learning process.
  3. 3. Cherry tomatoes Improving the quality of tomatoes and creating new varieties - joint development of scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Ben-Gurion University in Be'er -Sheva. Extending the shelf life of tomatoes and developing different varieties of tomatoes such as cherry tomatoes which are popular around the world.
  4. 4. The ability to grow citrus in desert conditions In Israel, the deterioration land in the Sharon area is suitable for growing citrus, but the orchards in Israel are from the North to the South. The ability to grow citrus in desert conditions is due to the development of the Gilat Research Center, they managed to find new rootstocks (the lower part of the tree is used as a root) suitable for growing in the desert.
  5. 5. Azilect A drug indicated for the treatment of Parkinson disease and to improve the quality life of parkinson’s patient around the world. It slows down the rate of death of nerve cells and the progression of the disease. The drug was developed in Teva company led by Dr. Ruth Levy, based on a research of Prof. Moussa Youdim and Dr. John Finberg from the Technion. :Pharm updates
  6. 6. Exelon A drug developed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which inhibits the deterioration in cognitive function and behavior in patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson and improve their situation. The drug is currently sold almost all over the world by Novartis. Find my fills
  7. 7. Doxil Doxil is a prescription medicine used to treat ovarian cancer and treat breast cancer. The drug has become the world standard for handling such cases. Its advantage is in its few side effects and improving the quality of life of patients. This is the first nano-drug developed in the world. The development was done at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Doxil
  8. 8. Mobileye An advanced driver assistance system for the prevention of accident (collision prevention). A technological system that includes cameras and sensors installed in vehicles and warn of disasters and hazards on the road, and thus help to prevent accidents. The system is developed by the Israeli company Mobileye is installed in vehicles of the world's leading companies. The system will serve the autonomous vehicle industry. Intel has recently acquired Mobileye.
  9. 9. Renaissance robot A robotic guidance system help improve the accurate surgeries in the spine and brain. The robot is used in many hospitals around the world and thousands of patients were operated on with it. The system was developed at the Technion and is owned by Mazor Robotics. Youtube
  10. 10. Rebif (interferon Beta - a 1) Rebil is a drug used to treat multiple sclerosis in patients in the early stage. Sold in over two billion dollars a year and is considered one of the most advanced drugs for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. The drug was developed at the Weizmann Institute of Science, in a research led by Prof. Michel Ravel and is owned by German Merck Serono.
  11. 11. Intel core processors The 7th and new generation of Intel core processors was developed in Israel. It is designed to respond to the digital world that has a high-speed connection to the Internet, and which requires mobility, easy and convenient operation interface like the smartphones. It should be noted also that the 8088 processor was developed at Intel Israel at the end of the seventies, which was considered a breakthrough in speed, and the Pentium MMX processors, Centrino, and Sandy Bridge which were all developed in Israel.
  12. 12. Iron Dome In light of the constant threat of firing rockets and missiles at Israel, Rafael developed the Iron Dome system to defend against artillery shells and short-range rockets. The system proved impressive achievements in intercepting rockets and protecting the citizens of Israel.
  13. 13. Copaxone The first Isreal original FDA approved drug. The drug was developed by Prof. Michael Sela, Prof. Ruth Arnon and Dr. Dvora Teitelbaum of the Weizmann Institute’s Immunology Department. The Copaxone is sold by Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd, and is most commonly used drug in the treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis, significantly reduces the frequency of the disease attacks, thereby improving the quality of life of many patients. Wikipedia
  14. 14. Pill Cam A pill-size camera, developed by an Israel company for diagnosing disease of the intestine. The patient swallows the pill, and it goes through the stomach into the small intestine and the large intestine for about 8 hours. At the end, the pill camera is excreted from the body through the digestive system. The future of things
  15. 15. Drip irrigation A technology of the Israeli Netafim company for optimizing the drip irrigation process, which increases the ability of absorption of water and fertilizer directly to the roots of plants. This technology saves water, soil, and fertilizer and improves the amount of agricultural crops. The company has over 4,000 employees worldwide.
  16. 16. Disk on Key A tiny device developed by the M-systems company to store digital data. It uses a memory (Flash) data storage and USB interface to transfer them to and from the computer. Billions of units of Disk on Key were manufactured and sold worldwide.
  17. 17. Betterment of herbs The durability of the fresh herbs and the possibility of raising them during the whole year was developed by the Volcano Institute in Israel. This development is considered groundbreaking and changed the consumer habits of fresh spices in the world. Today we can consume year-round, fresh durable various types of spices, such as parsley, oregano, and rosemary.
  18. 18. By millennium - Velcade Velcade (Bortezomib) A drug used for the treatment of multiple myeloma (cancer of the plasma cell) and cancer of the lymph nodes. Hundreds of thousands of patients have been treated with it. When the drug came out to the market, it was considered an innovative and based on the mechanism discovered by the Israelis Aaron Ciechanover and Avram Hershko, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry discoveries. The company was acquired by the American company, Takeda.
  19. 19. FireWall FireWall-1 - the first product of Check Point Software Technologies. It designed for information and computer network security. It was developed based on technology called Stateful inspection, which can detect penetration attempts. Since the development of this product, Check Point has become a global leader in information security.
  20. 20. ReWalk A system of the Israeli ReWalk company whose development was conceived by Dr. Amit Gopher as a result of an accident he had. ReWalk is a wearable robotic exoskeleton that enables individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) to stand and walk independently. ReWalk's exoskeleton received FDA approval, and the rehabilitation Department of the US Army announced that it would buy these systems for its needs.
  21. 21. Intelligent automated systems Automated systems to negotiate with people and with other computerized agents. Development of Prof. Sarit Kraus from Bar Ilan University. The systems are used for training people to conduct negotiations and for hiring, for increased security at airports, improving the interaction between man and car, improving customer service in various fields, gathering information about different cultures and more.
  22. 22. ICQ Software for an instant messaging that was developed by the Israeli company Mirabilis. It is the world's first software service provided by locating and connecting different people who use the Internet and for instant messaging between them. At the height of its success, over 100 million people worldwide have used the software.
  23. 23. Waze Social navigation software, that allows drivers all over the world to build maps of roads and use that knowledge in real-time road. Services included continuously updated maps, alerts on traffic and accidents, and information that offer users the fastest way to get to their destination. The company was acquired by Google.
  24. 24. Amniocentesis Acupuncture amniotic fluid test is done during pregnancy and helps identify fetal genetic defects such as Down syndrome. The test has become acceptable in cases where there is a concern to a genetic defect. Prof. Leo Sachs from Weizmann Institute of Science was the first to use cells from the amniotic fluid surrounding the human fetus for diagnostic purposes. Wikipedia
  25. 25. Merkava Tank Merkava is a series of Israeli battle tanks, which is the backbone of the Israeli Armored Corps. Production of tanks has improved over time in accordance with the lessons learned and now Merkava Mark 4 is considered one of the best tanks in the world. The guiding principle of the production of the series is the durability and survivability.
  26. 26. Uzi submachine gun The Uzi was designed by Major Uziel Gal at the Israel Military Industries. It enables fully automatic fire and has been defined as a small and compact weapon, reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain. Thanks to the aura of heroism he acquired in the IDF and its reputation as a reliable and durable weapon, the Uzi has been marketed to tens of army and police units around the world.
  27. 27. Quicktionary Translator scanner pen also called SuperPen. Portable electronic translator in a pen-shaped that enables scanning printed text or type in text and translate it into different languages. Quicktionary TS is the latest version that released in 2007. The Quicktionary was developed by the Israeli company Wizcom which later moved to the United States. Israel catalog
  28. 28. Arrow missile Ballistic missile system. Israel is the first country in the world that has developed this type of operational weapon capable of intercepting ballistic missiles and protect the citizens of the state.
  29. 29. Bamba Bamba is a peanut-flavored snack, made from peanuts and corn, produced by the Osem company since 1964. Initially with a taste of cheese and later in the selling flavored peanut.
  30. 30. VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol technology that enables telephone calls over the Internet based on the development of the Israeli company VocalTec. This technology is being implemented through services like Skype and video calls of Facebook and Google.
  31. 31. High-speed wireless Internet The Israeli Velocity company has developed a chip that enables high-speed wireless transmission of videos in HD and games and large files. The company was sold to an American company and its technology has become an international WiFi device.
  32. 32. Virtual Laser Keyboard A virtual keyboard projected by using laser beams and allows typing on any device even if it is small. The technology was developed by the Israeli company Lumio and was sold to a South Korean company.
  33. 33. Kinect The Israeli company PrimeSense has developed a technology to identify the three- dimensional movements of the human body and turning them into computer interface commands. One of the first applications of the system is integrated into the Xbox by Microsoft, which gained great success. Later PrimeSense was sold to Apple.
  34. 34. Epilady The first electrical hair remover in the world, developed by the Israeli Epilady company, which was a pioneer in the revolution in hair removal market. Within a short time, the product has become a global success.
  35. 35. UAV - Unmanned The first UAV in the western world, "Oriole" (Scout) developed in Israel by IAI, since it became an operational in 1981 it created a demand for drones made in Israel, which is currently considered a leading country in the field of UAVs - unmanned drones.
  36. 36. Soup Nuts Osem Company developed the soup nuts in 1952, and due to their success in Israel, they're also sold in many countries around the world. Originally contained food coloring, but with the development of health awareness, the ingredients of the soup nuts were changed and today, they are made of natural ingredients while maintaining the original taste.
  37. 37. Citrus Juicer The invention of Isaac Zaksenberg enables extracting juice from citrus fruits by downloading the extractor handle that creates strong pressure on the fruit, squeezing him and pulls out easily into cup or vessel.
  38. 38. Gogos Crazy Bones Tens of millions of children around the world collected, played and exchanged the Gogos, invented by the Israeli Isaias Miremberg from Depco Company in Raanana.
  39. 39. Camera in mobile phones Development Center of Samsung in Israel is responsible for the development of the rear camera and image processing capability in Galaxy devices. The camera currently installed in hundreds of millions of phones, laptops, digital cameras and tablets of the world's leading companies.
  40. 40. Apple Anna The uniqueness of this strain is its ability to grow in conditions of heat and is grown in the south part of Israel. Apple ANA was developed in Israel in the '50s by Abba Stein R.I.P. from Kibbutz Ein Shemer, who was the first to make hybrid parentage of commercial apples in Israel.
  41. 41. Tal King Wikimedia Skunk - a means to separate demonstrations The Skunk is a non-lethal weapon developed by the Israel Police and used to disperse demonstrators. The Skunk is named after the animal of skunks, which are known for their ability to spread bad smell. The Skunk weapon is liquid, which is sprayed from a tanker or a back container at demonstrators and causing the odor to stick to them.
  42. 42. Gabriel missile - Anti-ship missile Gabriel is the first anti-ship missile developed in Israel by IAI. Gabriel marked a breakthrough in the operational capabilities of the Israeli Navy for the destruction of enemy ships at a distance of dozens of kilometers and altitude of a few meters above sea level, making it difficult for missile detection. It served as the primary weapon of the Navy for three decades. Wikipedia
  43. 43. Galil rifle - an Israeli assault rifle Galil rifle was designed by Yisreal Galil and Yaacov Lior and produced by Military Industries Ltd. It served as the standard weapon of the Israeli security forces in the 70s and 80s of the 20th century. Galil rifles and shotguns based on the Galil are also produced in factories overseas, and are in various scopes used by security forces in many countries.
  44. 44. BabySense - Infant Respiratory Monitor Developed by Hisense Company and used to monitor the baby's breathing movements without touching. Detect apnea in infants and warns if breathing stops or slows down is irregular. The product is sold in over 30 countries worldwide.
  45. 45. Otentik sunshade Shelter from the sun easy to carry and simple to set up and unpacking, developed by Israeli company Authentic. The sunshade is set up using only existing materials around and is composed of one part to avoid losing parts. Israelis were quick to embrace the invention as can be seen on the beaches in Israel.
  46. 46. WEIZAC The first Israel electronic computer. The computer was developed and built at the Weizmann Institute of Science and functioned from 1958 to 1964. Beyond the calculations, it carried out by various entities in Israel, Was an inspiration for further development of Israel as a start-up nation.
  47. 47. Wikipedia Taki An Israeli card game developed by the game developer Haim Shapiro. Immediately upon its publication in 1983, it became a bestseller and sold successfully in several countries, primarily Israel.
  48. 48. Samsung SleepSense EarlySense the Israeli company has developed a technology that gives the masses the ability to make home medical monitoring, detecting heartbeat, breathing and sleeping on the mattress or chair by using sensors and without any touch with the patient and without being a burden on him. The company has monitored until now over three hundred thousand of people and prevented hundreds of deaths, and its technology was integrated into SleepSense device from Samsung.
  49. 49. Ginger Ginger software allows users to write better, correct spelling and grammatical errors in an English word document, e-mail and websites. English correction is made while writing.
  50. 50. MathKnight Eagle Plane Eagle is the first fighter aircraft manufactured in Israel. The plane was manufactured in the Israel Aircraft Industry, according to the plans of the French Mirage 5, which was not provided to Israel following the arms embargo. The Eagle served in the Israeli Air Force from 1972 until the Yom Kippur War.
  51. 51. Wonder pot The wonder pot is a pan for baking on a hot plate and other stove types, used in Israel from the settlement period until the 70s of the 20th century, in kitchens that have not yet been equipped with kitchens baking ovens. Used mainly for baking cakes. Shlomith Kedem
  52. 52. Rummikub Rummikub is a mind game for two to four players. The game based on colored tiles. It was invented and developed in the 40s by the Israeli game developer, Ephraim Hertzano, who came from Romania, and who has decided to the traditional playing with colored cubes because at that time it was prohibited the use cards for a while. The game was one of the most sold games in the world.
  53. 53. Israeli Couscous (“Ptitim”) Ptitim (also called "Ben-Gurion rice") are baked pasta grains, invented in Israel during the period of austerity when there was a shortage of rice. To meet the needs of immigrants from Eastern countries that their nutrition relied heavily on rice and Couscous.
  54. 54. Electroencephalography amplifier (EEG) A device that checks the brain waves by connecting it to electronic sensors in order to detect brain problems like epilepsy and ADHD. The device was invented by the Prof. Ephraim H. Frei from the Weizmann Institute of Science. The use of the device is very common in clinics and hospitals worldwide.
  55. 55. Bissli A snack developed and first manufactured by the Israeli Osem Company in 1975 in order to address the salty snacks market. Bissli currently marketed worldwide and produced in a number of flavors.
  56. 56. Tzfatit cheese The Tzfatit cheese was first made in Meiri dairy, in the city of Tzfat in 1840. The first generation of the dairy owners called the cheese "Tzfatit" in the name of their city. Over the years, the name took root and became commonly used to describe this type of cheese produced by various dairies.
  57. 57. Wrapped envelope A combination of an envelope and a letter, when the opening is done by pulling the fringes. The Wrapped envelope was developed in the printing factory in Kibbutz Be'eri, and since 1984 has been used extensively, and we got used to receive mail box reports, documents and bills sent in this envelope.
  58. 58. Digital printing technology Indigo (now HP Indigo) which was founded by Benny Landa, Invented the first digital printing technology in the world, enabling direct printing from the computer to the paper. This technology has been a significant milestone in the global commercial printing field, used to date worldwide.
  59. 59. Opto-Phone Electro-optical sensing system that can sense parameters from various biomedical parameters, such as blood pressure, pulse and blood sugar, and is able to receive and decode various signals such as speech. The system was developed by Prof. Zeev Zalevsky and one of its applications is in the pulse oximeter in Apple's watch.
  60. 60. Micro-Tavor - assault rifle Micro-Tavor MTAR-21, marketed worldwide under the name X-95 is a modern Bullpup assault rifle based on the Tavor assault rifle. The micro-Tabor is in IDF infantry and is intended to be the future rifle of the army. The rifle was developed in the factory "Magen" by the Israeli weapons industry (IWI) Company. Wikipedia
  61. 61. Watermelon "Galia" Galia watermelon is a type of F1 hybrid melon originating from a cross between the green- flesh melon cultivar 'Ha-Ogen' and the netted-rind melon cultivar 'Krimka', which has a dense netting of rough lines on the skin. The Galia was developed by Dr. Zvi Karchi, and named after his daughter. These breed melons are sold in various countries around the world. Wikipedia
  62. 62. Zerto Zerto provides an innovation solution for enterprise-class disaster recovery and business continuity software specifically for virtualized data centers and cloud environments. The company employs hundreds of workers and has thousands of customers worldwide.
  63. 63. :Wikipedia Magic Magic is the application generator with no code, developed in Israel at Magic Software Enterprises Company in the 1980s. The IDF used it a lot in the '80s and the first half of the 90s, and it was the dominant application generator, during the DOS operating system. Magic was a success worldwide.
  64. 64. Xaver 100, 400, 800 - small radars The Israeli Camero Company developed a compact, tactical through-wall imaging systems. The systems are used by the IDF and were sold to other countries in the world for safety and rescue. Camero
  65. 65. PHP A common development language for Dynamic Internet, especially on the server side - was developed by the Israelis Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans from the Technion, who developed from the ground up the PHP language originally developed by Rasmus Lerdorf, and gave it the acronym: PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.
  66. 66. Facial recognition in photos An Israeli company developed a technology that allows face recognition in photos. The company was acquired by Facebook, which uses this technology so that we can tag people in photos.
  67. 67. Autocomplete A feature of Google search engine (the most popular in the world) that was developed by Israelis in Google. It predicts the rest of a word a user is typing and suggests complete options, in accordance to common searches that were done in the past.
  68. 68. Greenbo Greenbo railing planters A patent of the Israeli Greenbo company, that has developed railing flower boxes tailored to each form of rail without the need for any accessories, and no hangers for support or balance. Greenbo railing planters are marketed in leading retail chains in Israel and in many other countries.
  69. 69. Source Sandals Trekking and hiking sandals designed to prevent slipping even in wet conditions. The sandals are manufactured at Shoresh company and have become a hallmark of Israelis traveling abroad.
  70. 70. Prnewswire freeD Advanced technology for sports events, photography in 360 degrees via a large number of high-quality cameras. Producing from the videos 3D scene, that can display replays from any photo angle possible. The first event in which the 3D technology was used was the 2012 London Olympics. Replay the Israeli company is the one that developed this technology.
  71. 71. Deep Junior Software for chess game against the computer, developed by Amir Ban and Shay Bushinsky. The software won five times in the computer world chess championship in 1997, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006.
  72. 72. Rav-Bariach Rav-Bariach A lock with four arms, which locks the door from four directions with a key lock that makes it difficult for uproot. For many years it was one of the most important Israeli patents which have been installed in many homes in Israel and around the world. It was actually an upgrade of patents that existed in safes and in aircraft's doors.
  73. 73. Wikipedia A stent A life-saving patent in a reticulated tube shape, inserted in the process of catheterization, by a cardiologist, into the lumen of an anatomic vessel or duct when an artery is clogged. The role of the stent to keep a clogged artery that feeds a particular part of the heart muscle will remain open for the passage of blood. The Stent was developed by the Israeli Medinol company and is used daily worldwide in operations and saves many lives.
  74. 74. Solar water heater Dr. Zvi Tabor from the Hebrew University, upgraded the original invention of solar water heater developed in Switzerland in the year 1777 and focused on developing effective receptors which absorb sunlight and use solar energy to heat water. Solar usage became widespread in Israel following a law that following the law came into force in 1976 and demanded its installation on any new structure.
  75. 75. NBA SportUV Israeli technology that provides information to improve the performance of players by collecting and analyzing information. The technology is based on cameras, which are placed on the ceiling and sports halls. Then analyze the data and produce information in seconds. In 2008, the company was sold to the American company called Stats.
  76. 76. Elbit Systems Smart helmet Elbit, through its subsidiary VSI, a world leader in the development of smart helmets for pilots, enabling pilots to obtain valuable information on the visor of the helmet in order to control the airspace, orient itself and identify and track the enemy. The helmets are used by many armies around the world. Recently, Elbit has also developed a smart helmet for fighter soldiers in battle.
  77. 77. ForeFuel (Dalkan) David Kelerich and Dov Talmor from the Israeli Orpak company developed the ForeFuel (Dalkan), which has become common in many countries. The ForeFuel identifies the vehicle and allows it to fuel without having to pay cash or credit, and also enables companies with vehicle fleets to track their car's fuel consumption and control expenditure. Public domain pictures
  78. 78. Aero Space Amos communications satellites Amos is the name of a series of civilian communications satellites built by Israel Aerospace Industries and are operated by Spacecom Company. Amos satellites have served to date telecommunications companies from Europe, Asia, America and Africa.
  79. 79. Biosense Prof. Shlomo Ben-Haim has developed a system for mapping and accurate diagnosis of internal organs, and catheter. This technology enables to navigate within the heart arteries, and accurately reach the point in the heart, in ways that balance the arrhythmias. The company was acquired by Johnson & Johnson and its technology became widely used in the treatment of heart rhythm disorders.
  80. 80. The Feldenkrais Method The Feldenkrais Method was developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, is a method that combines movement with thought and consciousness and thus allows expanding the capabilities of those practicing this method. With new movements and awareness, everyone can choose the most convenient way to move for him. The technique became common all over the world.
  81. 81. TechTime The Smallest Camera in the World The Israeli Medigus Company has developed the smallest camera in the world, at 0.99 mm diameter, at relatively low costs. The camera allows physicians to see real-time and in high quality what occurs within tiny organs and systems in the human body NASA Corporation is one of the companies that purchased the camera.
  82. 82. Viber A mobile application that allows free calls and text messages from anywhere in the world. Viber is popular among smartphone users in the world, due to the ease of operation and money savings. The company was acquired in 2014 by the Japanese Rakuten company.
  83. 83. Lempel-Ziv algorithm The algorithm was developed in 1977 by Abraham Lempel and Jacob Ziv from the Technion, allowing allows shrinking very large computer files efficiently and without losing any data. Over the years, various algorithms which we use today were developed based on this algorithm.
  84. 84. Magnetoquers A lightweight satellite system based on momentum wheel for stabilizing satellites, developed by Israel Aircraft Industries, led by Joseph Roth. The system was sold to the world's leading aerospace companies.
  85. 85. Silonite A device developed by an Israeli dentist Dr. Beni Cohen, washing the mouth with a thin and sharp jet of water. It removes food remnants and reduces dental plaque accumulation and keeps the mouth clean and helps those who suffer from gum problems.
  86. 86. Fiverr A platform where people buy and sell a range of services starting at $ 5, can be executed digitally, such as translation, writing, graphic design, and programming. Freelancers and consumers around the world use Fiverr's platform.
  87. 87. Taboola Content recommendation platform The Israeli Taboola company has developed a content recommendation platform, which is integrated into content sites and suggests users additional articles that may interest them. Hundreds of millions of articles have been read worldwide via Taboola's content recommendation platform.
  88. 88. Outbrain Content discovery platform. Outbrain is another Israeli company and very successful in the field of content recommendations on the Internet. Hundreds of millions of articles are being read, thanks to the company's discovery platform which is embedded in many sites around the world.
  89. 89. Kaltura Open source video platform. The Israeli company Kaltura enables organizations and companies manage videos for their clients and employees, and manage them as a cloud-based VOD service for viewing content from any device, anywhere. The company has agreements with large corporations in the world and impressive growth rates.
  90. 90. IronSource An online software distribution. Iron Source's main products are: A software to install software on and distribution tools for mobile and computer developers. Its leading product is called InstallCore – A software installation service on the PC. According to the company, about a third of the world's application installations are done through the platform.
  91. 91. Credorax Online payment platform. Credorax was established to solve the problem that 30% of online purchases canceled after the bank eliminated - typically a large US bank will not approve transactions with customers from countries far away. The company is one of the world's first hi-tech companies to become a Principal Member of Visa Europe and MasterCard.
  92. 92. uTest Software testing by the community. UTest company performs software testing (QA) model of cowdsourcing through a community of about 70,000 testers from countries from all over the world. Among hundreds of the company's clients also companies like Microsoft, Google and Groupon.
  93. 93. LiveU Broadcast transmission over cellular networks. The Israeli development allows anyone who has of a video camera to transmit live video broadcasting in high quality on cellular infrastructure, without the need for multicast mobility. LiveU's technology is currently being used by media organizations from dozens of countries around the world.
  94. 94. SimilarWeb Israeli Internet company offering traffic analysis service in more than 80 million websites worldwide and in 3 million applications. The information is based on technology that consists a model of a data collection of tens of millions of users and data agreements with telecommunications providers around the world. The service is popular especially among companies and businesses from all over the world.
  95. 95. ClickTale A service of a behavior analysis of users who browse websites and mobile devices. Many international clients, who are leaders in their field, have purchased a subscription to the service and use it to improve the user experience.
  96. 96. MyHeritage A Social network for families based on family trees. A platform that enables to create family trees, and thus discover and preserve the family history. The company has more than 80 million customers worldwide and about 27 million family trees were created by this platform in 42 languages.
  97. 97. Wix A platform for building websites. The Israeli WIX company was founded in 2006 and is considered to be the largest company in the world in websites building at no cost and without the need for prior knowledge. The company has tens of millions of users all over the world.
  98. 98. SolarEdge The Israeli company SolarEdge developed a system for monitoring and optimization of solar energy. The system allows greater utilization of solar energy absorbed in this receptor by optimizing the performance of each of the receptors while providing real-time data on their productivity. The company has a large number of customers worldwide.
  99. 99. EatWith A site that brings together chefs and cookers who want to host a dinner in their home with people who want to be hosted for a meal and get to know strangers. The project operates in 160 cities from 35 countries around the world. On 9.2017 was acquired by VizEat from Europe.
  100. 100. Payoneer Has developed a payment service which enables global companies and marketplaces to transfer funds quickly, securely and at a reduced cost. This service reduces barriers which are involved in transporting and receiving online payments. The company is active in most countries of the world.
  101. 101. CyberArk The Israeli CyberArk company develops a wide range of computer security solutions to organizations from external cyber-attacks and internal cyber-attacks that could come from one of the company's employees. CyberArk's security solutions are a worldwide success and adopted by banks, insurance companies, and other organizations
  102. 102. Gigya The Israeli Gigya company securely manages the identities of more than a billion users for international companies on a SAAS platform that enables customers to make their site visitors more engaged and manage a reliable digital relationship with them.
  103. 103. Imperva Develops information security systems for enterprise databases. Was founded by Shlomo Kramer, who was a founder of Check Point Software Technologies. The company has thousands of enterprise customers worldwide.
  104. 104. Trusteer The Israeli company has developed software solutions that help organizations protect themselves from financial fraud and security threats. The company has become popular among financial institutions and was acquired by IBM.
  105. 105. Iscar The company was established in Israel by Stef Wertheimer, is a world leader in manufacturing hard metal cutting tools designed for the metalworking industry and for the advanced metal production. Iscar and its sub-companies employ thousands of workers at its plants in Israel and abroad. In 2006, 80% of the company was acquired by the American company "Berkshire Hathaway".
  106. 106. Mellanox Technologies The Israeli company Mellanox is a world leader in providing solutions and services for end- to-end connectivity for servers and storage systems, which maximize the performance of data centers. The servers of the world's major companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are running on network components of Mellanox.
  107. 107. Gett Has started as an application to order taxis and now extends over more than 100 cities around the world while expanding its range of services. The company is considered to be with a very fast growth rate.
  108. 108. The cocktail geek SodaStream Although the SodaStream was invented in Britain, but today SodaStream International Ltd is an Israeli company engaged in the manufacture of soda maker machines and different flavored extracts for making homemade soda. Most of the production is done in Israel, and its products are marketed in about 50 countries worldwide.
  109. 109. Tipalti Software for automating the operation of managing and paying suppliers from end-to-end. A platform developed by the Israel company to streamline administrative processes in tens of percent of payments to suppliers and support them. The company has international customers and it deals with payments of more than $2 billion
  110. 110. Moovit Application for improving public transport travels experience. Israeli app allows passengers to be updated in real-time schedules of buses and choose the path that suits them best. The application has millions of users worldwide.
  111. 111. One Hour Translation An Israeli company that provides professional and quick translation services over the Internet in about 75 languages ​​ through thousands of translators from dozens of countries around the world, within a short time became the world's largest at its field.
  112. 112. Playbuzz The Israeli company has developed a platform that enables to create viral content that can be embedded on websites or mobile applications, such as surveys, quizzes, and other interactive content. The lighthearted content attracts tens of millions of unique visitors each month worldwide, and enables content websites to distribute their content.
  113. 113. Sisense Analyzing and displaying information of Big Data. The Israeli company is active in the field of business intelligence, enables analysis of large databases, and displays the data in a simple and clear way for the user. Large and small companies around the world use Sisense technology.
  114. 114. SpaceIL Three young Israeli engineers took up the challenge of the global competition Google Lunar XPRIZE and founded the Association SpaceIL whose goal is to launch the first Israeli spaceship on the moon and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Keeping our fingers crossed and wish success:
  115. 115. And there are many more developments, inventions and other successes ...
  116. 116. All these and others inspire and encourage the development of science, technology and entrepreneurship in Israel By Galit Zamler, the developer of Entrepreneurship for Kids Program