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Top habits of successful project managers brown bag

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Top habits of successful project managers

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Top habits of successful project managers brown bag

  1. 1. + Top Habits of Successful Project Managers 1/17
  2. 2. + Delivering IT Value 2/17 Balanced Scorecard Capabilities Based Planning Real Options Based Portfolio Management Enterprise Program & Project Management Business and Information Technology Governance Enterprise Class Tools and Work Processes Governance Transforms Strategy Into Continuous Improvement Successful Project Execution Delivers Value To IT Organizations Sustained CompetitiveAdvantage
  3. 3. + Industry News…. n 40% of IT projects fail to deliver their intended results n Estimated 58% of IT projects were not delivered on time or on budget n A little more than 50% of all companies do not have a criteria to define project success, and nearly 70% do not track the benefits of their projects 3/17 Source: March 25, 2003 press release from The Standish Group International
  4. 4. + Three Essential Tools for Project Management? “A crystal ball, a bottle of whiskey, and a revolver.” 4/17 Are all project managers equally prepared for every project?
  5. 5. + Questions to be Considered…. n Why do project managers with great records of success become ineffective on a project? n Are certain project managers more effective in one stage of the project life cycle than another? 5/17 Source: March 25, 2003 press release from The Standish Group International
  6. 6. + A Successful Project Manager Knows… Bottom Line? n Urgent business needs must be tackled first n Successful projects require strong leadership 6/17 Core Concepts § Project management is what ties together all activities on a project. § If the efforts of all the stakeholders are not expertly coordinated and skillfully managed, the project could overrun the budget, fail to meet the schedule, or fall short in quality. § Even on-time and under budget projects can still fail if the business criteria are not met. § The larger and more complex the project, the more critical the overall project management function. § Common pitfalls to project success are lack of analysis, minimal input from business users, and no effective method or tool to distribute and capture project information. § Projects vary widely in their complexity due to different business and technical environments. † Jack Gido, James P. Clements , Successful Project Management, 2003
  7. 7. + Habits of Successful Project Managers Proven techniques to help you deliver value 7/17
  8. 8. + Project Managers are LEADERS n Real-world roles of a Project Leader n Leader n Team Player n Executive n Marketer n Quality Agent n Public Speaker n Mentor n Counselor n Laborer n Decision Maker n Negotiator n Financial Analyst n Project Evangelist 8/17
  9. 9. + Some …ilities of Successful Project Managers n Ability to create and nurture a vision n Ability & willingness to risk failure n Ability to expect and accept criticism n Ability to empower others and be a role model n Ability to be decisive, persistent, and happy 9/17 † Neal Whitten, Project Management Institute, PM Network 1996. June; 10(6): 29-35.
  10. 10. + It’s All About ATTITUDE! n Maintaining a winning attitude and believing in one's self are contagious qualities that leaders can impart to the whole project team. n Superior project managers think before acting, can make and meet commitments, and are able to leave their egos behind. 10/17 “You Must Be In It To Win It”
  11. 11. + Finding Success in Project Management n The experienced and successful project manager knows that delivering a project that has achieved its objectives involves a great deal more than the masterly application of technical skills. n Such results require that the project manager use savvy and subtle techniques for managing and leading the project team. 11/17 Project Managers Need People Skills
  12. 12. + The Project Manager of the Future? n Current view of the project manager's role: n A producer of technical solutions who is immutably bound by the triple constraints. n That view will undoubtedly change dramatically within the next few years. n Organizations wishing to thrive (or even just survive) in the turbulent, competitive, and rapidly changing environment of the future will need to give their project managers the opportunity and the latitude to act in a more entrepreneurial fashion… n The project manager's entrepreneurial expertise will be evaluated by their ability to demonstrate and apply sound business judgment. n In short, mastering business skills is one of the biggest things on the horizon for today's project manager. 12/17 † Gary R. Heerkens, , Project Management Institute, PM Network 1996. June; 10(6): 29- 35.
  13. 13. + Successful Project Managers of the Future n Produce deliverables that function as expected and satisfy requirements… n …but do so in a way that ensures a positive contribution to the bottom line. n Metrics such as profitability, cash flow, life cycle cost, and strategic alignment will gradually begin to eclipse scope, cost, and schedule as the essential measures of project success. 13/17 The business success of the project will soon be defined as a Project Manager’s key areas of responsibility
  14. 14. + Roundtable Discussion n Share stories of successful project management experiences with the group… n Describe the challenge(s) and how did you use successful project manager behaviors overcome it? n Apply Top Habits of Successful Project Managers to a current project… n Describe a current project challenge you are facing. n Given what you’ve learned or what we’ve discussed today, how would you now approach things differently? 14/17 “Six Qualities of Effective Leaders, Fortune Magazine, 2000
  15. 15. + Final Thoughts… n It takes 27 days of repetition to form a habit n Focus on developing your successful project manager “Illities” n Keep your eye on the future – start developing critical skills now n Ask for support! 15/17 Successful project managers are part of value delivery
  16. 16. 16/17