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the battle of big thinking<br />john v willshire, phd<br />@willsh<br />
?<br />the battle of big thinking<br />
how things were<br />
The 20th century company<br />
“everyone has their place in a rank, every place defined a function, and authority flowed through a chain of command”<br /...
military<br />efficiency<br />
mass production<br />
?<br />+<br />mass<br />production<br />mass consumption<br />
mass media<br />
+<br />mass<br />mass<br />media<br />production<br />big<br />thinking<br />
It’s time for the BIG PUSH<br />shit<br />
the big push<br />
the big push<br />
We are conditioned for<br />the battle of big thinking<br />
The internet revolution<br />
anything we like<br />
so…<br />the battle of big thinking<br />social<br />
+<br />mass<br />mass<br />media<br />production<br />socialise this<br />
errrr…<br />Wrong category, sunshine…<br />
+<br />media<br />mass<br />mass<br />media<br />production<br />not<br />this<br />
+<br />production<br />mass<br />mass<br />media<br />production<br />this<br />
a<br />blueprint<br />for<br />our<br />future<br />
6<br />examples<br />
1<br />What’s inside<br />
A bit of zing<br />more<br />hops<br />herby?<br />less<br />hops<br />Fruit variety<br />
2<br />What it looks like<br /><br />
Where you get it<br />3<br />
cheap<br />quick<br />
How it’s displayed<br />4<br />
help…<br />
IKEA<br />
furnishings that socialise<br />Harry<br />Salen<br />When<br />met<br />
5<br />How you pay<br />
You’ve not talked to…<br />You talk most often to…<br />16 calls, 25 m<br />The person you call most at weekends is…<br />...
07771 243572<br />07251 156452<br />07731 145273<br />07989 777554<br />07968 252525<br />07998 991151<br />07656 117727<b...
07771 243572<br />07251 156452<br />07731 145273<br />07989 777554<br />07968 252525<br />07998 991151<br />07656 117727<b...
6<br />How you SHARE<br />
Socialise design<br />Chairs & 3D printing<br />
examples<br />6<br />100s<br />more<br />
the battle of big thinking<br />?<br />
It’s not one big idea<br />
idea<br />idea<br />idea<br />idea<br />idea<br />idea<br />idea<br />idea<br />idea<br />idea<br />idea<br />idea<br />id...
Why Us?<br />
+<br />social<br />social<br />media<br />production<br />our future<br />
by matt jones  (<br />
vote<br />for<br />our<br />future<br />
thank you<br />@willsh<br /> <br />
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