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Gamification for Financial Services

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There are tremendous benefits of gamification waiting to be unlocked within financial services, from learning, training, consumer education, and consumer engagement, in an industry that can be very routine, and extrinsically motivated. We have seen enough from our clients, DBS, and SCB, to be convinced how a well executed and designed gamification initiative can bring impacts on a very large scale.

Learn how to introduce fun into the world of finance with gamification with this deck, which Keith presented to an MBA class from Vlericks Business School.

Gamification for Financial Services

  1. 1. Gamification for Financial Services | @keizng
  2. 2. @keizng Co-founder and Hustle Ninja of Gametize Hustling for SCB, SingTel, DBS, M1, SPH, and more Achievements and Badges Unlocked: Reformed Compulsive Gamer, GSummit, Flemish (yes, very random), Angels Gate TV Show, World Changer?
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Is your brand engaging and retaining your consumers on social media and mobile?
  5. 5. Are you looking for solutions to motivate and engage the employees in your enterprise, such as in learning or productivity?
  6. 6. Gf! (Fluid Intelligence)!
  7. 7. Gf
  8. 8. What is the average age of a gamer?
  9. 9. Somewhere Up North in the Middle Kingdom ….. Over 100 million gamers in China that can be engaged through gamification China will account for half of the world s online and mobile game market by 2014 *Source: Emre Tunchilek, December 9, 2012, The Great Wall of Gamification: Rapid Emergence of a Viral Concept in China
  10. 10. gamification = •  points and badges •  advertgaming •  edugaming •  serious gaming •  social gaming •  Farmville •  Candy Crush
  11. 11. gamification = a social strategy to add fun, engagement, and design to boring activities. Also a rapidly growing market, projected by Gartner at $2Bn
  12. 12. gamification = going beyond an intellectual understanding to forge an emotional connection. I would even say, emotional loyalty
  13. 13. happy meaningful
  14. 14. motivation feedback action
  15. 15. More examples Nike Plus Achievement, level-ups, competition American Airlines Rewards, achievement, level-ups (elite status) Linked In Level-ups (progress bar)
  16. 16. @keizng Hilton Hhonors Points
  17. 17. Relevance to Financial Industry?
  18. 18. @keizng
  19. 19. Gametize s 5D Framework
  20. 20. Get your hands dirty! Identify a common problem you face in your work.
  21. 21. Get your hands dirty! Determine your goal: What is the outcome you want to achieve out of gamification?
  22. 22. Get your hands dirty! What are your target behaviours?
  23. 23. Bartle s Player Types
  24. 24. Get your hands dirty! Profile your target players: Make a list of characteristics of your target group.
  25. 25. Methodology Gametize s Design Strategy G" Generous Rewards (clear path to incentives)" A" Appealing, Fresh Content (create stickiness)" M" Maintainability (easy, powerful dashboard to manage) ! E" Easy, Emotional Experience (make them love it)" T" Togetherness (create a community)" I" Intrinsic motivations (understand non-reward benefits)" S" Social behaviors (create conversations, sharing)" E" Engagement (create love, loyalty, trust)" KEY ELEMENTS" KEY GOALS"
  26. 26. Case Study: Standard Chartered Bank
  27. 27. what you may already know.. Corporate Training: $200bn Corporate E-Learning: $26bn % Fortune 500 with E-learning: 41.7% Asian E-Learning market: $11.5bn by ‘16 Mobile Education Products in ‘12: $4.4bn (Elearning! Magazine – May 2013) And many more awesome mLearning stats..
  28. 28. what you don’t like hearing.. E-Learning Completion: 30-40% MOOC Dropout Rate (estimated): ~90% “People don’t have time to learn, don’t know where to learn, and don’t want to learn” - Frustrated Client
  29. 29. “We have met the enemy, and he is Powerpoint”
  30. 30. Wow.
  31. 31. LEARN! Gain knowledge and experience through challenges" COLLECT! Collect points and badges to level up" COMPETE! Pit your score against other countries and global peers"
  32. 32. THE GAMIFIED LEARNING EXPERIENCE! Scaffolded Challenges! Instantaneous Feedback! Competitive Spirit! Earning Rewards!
  33. 33. Product!
  34. 34. Product!
  35. 35. Product! >10,000 employees, 1 million challenge completions"
  36. 36. Backend Create" 1" Organize" 2" Analytics" 4" Content" 3"
  37. 37. Case Study: DBS
  38. 38. Demo Video: Gamification of Recruitment
  39. 39. gamification is not magic. it is a strategy, which like many others, must be welldesigned and planned. there are no rules to fun.
  40. 40. otherwise it will backfire"
  41. 41. Real Intrinsic motivators
  42. 42. Don t overgive rewards
  43. 43. Make real fun, and keep them fresh
  44. 44. credits to
  45. 45. create emotions
  46. 46. The opposite of play is not work. It is depression - Dr Stuart Brown
  47. 47. Get your hands dirty! Design your game.
  48. 48. Create games where your players can: Upload a photo Write a comment Answer a quiz Make a prediction Scan a QR code Fill in the blank Enter a secret passcode
  49. 49. Special thanks to Thomas Schulz & Jonha
  50. 50. Gametize learning for meaningful, emotional, and effective experiences.
 Engage your employees today, and reduce training costs and time.!
  51. 51. | @keizng"